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Sakura Wars Soundtrack: Steam Gramophone



2 discs

Disc 1 (21 minutes)

  2. We, the Hive of Darkness
  3. 'Koubu', Go!
  4. 'Jinbu', Go!
  5. 'Gouraigou', Go!
  6. 'Shougeimaru', Go!
  7. Destruction of the Capital
  8. Holy Evil City, Surface!
  9. Air Battleship Mikasa, Takeoff!
  10. Happy Union
  11. Sakura (instrumental version
  12. Joy
  13. Sorrow
  14. Heartbeat
  15. Anger
  16. Jealousy
  17. suspicion
  18. Cirsis!
  19. Deeply Moved!
  20. FANFARE 1
  21. FANFARE 2
  22. EYE CATCH 1
  23. EYE CATCH 2
  24. EYE CATCH 3

Disc 2

  2. Warm and Fuzzy Life at the Imperial Assault Group
  3. We, the Hive of Darkness
  4. Battle Meeting
  5. Sortie! Theme of the Imperial Floral Assault Group
  6. Do Your Best! Imperial Floral Assault Group!
  7. Enemy. Battle 1
  8. Victory!
  9. Theme of Heartbeat
  10. In the Midst of Timelessness
  11. Friendship!
  12. Next one, Next! (?)
  13. New Year's Theme
  14. Thanks to Everyone's Efforts! A Bright and Cheerful Imperial Capital!
  15. Theme of the Three Horsemen of the Endtime
  16. The Silent Nihilist
  17. The Plot Thickens
  18. Enemy. Battle 2
  19. For the Sake of the Imperial Capital
  20. Defeat...
  21. Theme of Sadness
  22. Farewell...
  23. Fallen Angel...
  24. Theme of Anger
  25. The Final War
  26. Theme of Joy
  • Released May 2, 1997 by BMG Japan (catalog no. BVCH-2601~2, retail 4486 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


A good buy for fans of the game.

Reader review by TerraEpon

If you've never heard of the game Sakura Taisen (Sakura Wars), you aren't alone. While incredibly popular in Japan, the game remained there and unfortunately remains reletively unknown here. The game itself is incredibly good, and the music that goes along with it is excellent.

This soundtrack contains all of the music from the game, except for the opening song, the ending song, the mini-game music, and the character themes (which can be found on the Song Collection disc in vocal form). The music is split into two discs. Disc 1 is the live orchestral music, mostly heard in the various FMV sequences. It also contains as a bonus an instrumental version of Sakura's song. Disc 2 contains all of the chip-generated music.

Unfortunately, the way the soundtrack release is set up makes for an imbalance. Disc 1 contains almost all of the short little "filler" tracks, which makes it hard to listen to outright. However, I've found that it's excellent music to listen to while concentrating on something else. The long tracks on disc 1 are very good however, and sound much better than their respective versions on disc 2.

What's also good about disc 1 is that it contains a bonus program for you computer (PC or Mac), featuring many pictures and stats of the various mechs in the game, as well as a nice slide show.

Disc 2 features the majority of the music. Some of the tracks are simply okay, but others are incredibly good. Both of the standard battle music pieces, tracks 6 and 19, are almost worth the price of the soundtrack by themselves. Track 1 and 27 are also great, catchy themes. All in all, disc 2 is quite diverse, and a pleasure to listen to, with only one or two "skippable" tracks.

Overall, I'd mainly recommend this soundtrack to fans of the game, but it's still not a bad purchase anyway. However, I would say if you had to chose between this and the song collection, go with the latter.

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