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Salamander 2 Original Game Soundtrack


48 minutes total
  1. A Theme Of The Salamander (Title)
  2. Silvery Wings Again (1 Stage)
  3. Sensation (2 Stage)
  4. All Is Vanity (3 Stage)
  5. Serious! Serious! Serious! (4 Stage)
  6. Speed (5 Stage)
  7. Dear Blue (6 Stage)
  8. Power Of Anger (Maeda Version)
  9. Last Exit (Maeda Version)
  10. Planet Ratis (Maeda Version)
  11. Theme Of The Gorem (1 Stage Boss)
  12. Theme Of The Mechanical Boss (2,4,6 Stage Boss)
  13. Theme Of The Living Body Boss (3,5 Stage Boss)
  14. Prelude Of The Last Battle (Last Stage)
  15. Giga's Rage (Last Boss)
  16. Beginning From The Endless (Ending)
  17. What's Your Name? (Naming)
  18. And Then.... (Game Over)
  19. No Future (Unreleased Track)
  20. Fire Tripper (Unreleased Track)
  21. Nervous Break Down (Unreleased Track)
  22. Thunderbolt (You. T. Version)
  • Released Apr 5, 1996 by Konami (catalog no. KICA-7695, retail 2200 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Konami's Kukeiha Club serves up another sizzling shooter soundtrack.

Reader review by Adam Page

In the great tradition of power-rock comes another awesome pump-you-up soundtrack from Konami, belonging to the arcade edition of Salamander 2. For those who are unfamiliar with the series, Salamander is known to us as Life Force. While some of the melodies in this soundtrack ("Power Of Anger", "Planet Ratis", "Theme Of The Gorem", "Thunderbolt", and maybe a couple more) will be recognizable to players of the NES version of Life Force, most of the songs are completely original.

There is not a single slow song on this CD - every track bursts with rock and techno excitement. The emphasis is clearly placed on vigorously percussive rhythms and energetic bass, but the melodies are never so subdued that you can't hum along... and keep humming them even when the CD is over. The sound quality is also excellent, showing off the advancements that have been made in arcade sound over the last few years. It's a no-brainer kids, just about any game music fan will enjoy this intense excursion into the galaxies beyond.

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