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Super Mario 64 Original Soundtrack (USA)


  • Koji Kondo (composition & performance - track 26)


51 minutes total
  1. It's a me, Mario!
  2. Title Theme
  3. Peach's Message
  4. Opening
  5. Super Mario 64 Main Theme
  6. Slider
  7. Inside the Castle Walls
  8. Looping Steps
  9. Dire, Dire Docks
  10. Lethal Lava Land
  11. Snow Mountain
  12. Haunted House
  13. Merry-Go-Round
  14. Cave Dungeon
  15. Pirahna Plant's Lullaby
  16. Powerful Mario
  17. Metallic Mario
  18. File Select
  19. Correct Solution
  20. Toad's Message
  21. Power Star
  22. Race Fanfare
  23. Star Catch Fanfare
  24. Game Start
  25. Course Clear
  26. Game Over
  27. Stage Boss
  28. Koopa's Message
  29. Koopa's Road
  30. Koopa's Theme
  31. Koopa Clear
  32. Ultimate Koopa
  33. Ultimate Koopa Clear
  34. Ending Demo
  35. Staff Roll
  36. Pirahna Plant's Lullaby-Piano
  • Released in 1996 by Nintendo (retail $14).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Get this one, all you Mario fans!

Reader review by Kenneth Locke

This is a cool collection of (almost) all the songs from Super Mario 64! It also has catchy remixes of old songs from the older Mario games (tracks 2, 14, 16, 17, and 34)!

My favorite is track 29, "Koopa's Road". Koji Kondo did an awesome job of composing a song that would build up suspense for your confrontation with Bowser! It's kind of like a fast-paced marching song, with just a slight bit of humor (i.e. a "twanging" noise that's heard when the song really puts in emphasis). Also, about 15 seconds after the song begins, it comes to a second-long halt, which also creates a feeling of fear.

I've discovered that, unless I'm mistaken, this CD is missing only one short song from the game - the little three-second ditty that's played when Mario arrives right in front of the castle and Lakitu shows up. Oh, well. But it's got a track on it that isn't found in the game, a beautiful piano rendition of "Piranha Plant's Lullaby" on track 36.

To sum it all up, this CD is nothing short of awesome.

Awesome is all I can say.

Essential Listening

Reader review by Jon Turner

Yiiippeee! That's what I said when I first got my hands on Super Mario 64 for the first time. The soundtrack had me feeling the same way. The album begins with a humorous "It's a me, Mario!", then explodes into a CD-quality sounding of that lovable Mario theme that I love so much. All of the other tracks are excellent, too. But the one thing that really got me going was that at the end of the CD, there was one track, an arranged version of "Pirahna Plant's Lullaby" performed by piano. It was a beautiful, stirring track that could easily put me to sleep. This album is *awesome*! That's all I can say.

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