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Amazingu May 25, 2010

Totally unsurprising, but f*cking awesome all the same.
I'll be buying the game tomorrow, and I already have over 300 points, so I'm good to go smile

Idolores May 26, 2010

I'll be jumping on this as soon as I can. I'm somewhat proud of owning my copy of both the regular and platinum discs of the first game's OST. I need to rebuy Galaxy 1 just to play it again. What a magical game. smile

Crystal May 26, 2010

Good thing about this time around is that you don't have to be a Platinum Ranker to get the cds. Last time it was infuriating.

That being said, the Mario/Animal Crossing Japanese folding fans vs this.
Sigh. Which to get?

jb May 26, 2010

Will Play Asia be offering these again?  Let everyone know if there are any other methods of getting this cd, point systems are dumb.

Qui-Gon Joe Jul 13, 2010

VGMWorld has it, and I just ordered a copy from ebay for slightly less.  Looks like the actual discs are out there now.  Searching through a couple Japanese blogs, the tracklist appears to show that they just went in order with the tracks this time, rather than doing a synth disc and an orchestra disc.  CANNOT WAIT FOR MINE TO COME.  Frothing demand, etc..

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