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Tekken 2 Strike Fighting Volume 2


54 minutes total
  1. Are You Ready?
  2. Silent Assassin -cool headed mix
  3. Perspective
  4. The HeadShaker
  5. EXIT!!
  6. It Makes Me Higher
  7. Black Dream
  8. Cut in the Memories
  9. A Calm Before a Storm
  10. (?)
  11. T's Music
  12. All things are in flux and nothing is permanent
  14. The Place, 1997
  15. (?)
  16. (?)
  17. Winner's
  18. Emotionless Passion
  19. Guilty or Not Guilty
  20. Hit Out
  21. Here is the Point of No Return
  22. Ring A Bell
  23. Sweet Home
  25. Devil!!
  26. Angel Rising
  27. Go! Go! Go!
  28. Landscape Under The Ghost -KAMINANO
  • Released Jul 20, 1996 by NEC (catalog no. NACL-1229, retail 2300 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Dance and rock beats that are worth checking out.

Reader review by James Wong

Tekken 2 is, in my opinion, the most enjoyable fighting game for the Playstation. Strike Fighting Volume 2 is a welcome addition to the many Tekken 2 soundtracks (PSX, Strike Arranges, etc). If you're a PlayStation owner and you love Tekken 2's music, then this disc is for you - the pieces are music taken straight from the PSX arranged versions.

The style of music in Tekken 2 is eclectic. As a disc with contemporary pop and techno elements, Strike Fighting Volume 2 also contains short pieces (ending music for the various characters) that vary from themes of ambition to those of simple happiness.

For the techno enthusiast, this disc doesn't run short. Yoshimitsu's excellent "Head Shaker" starts of with a traditional Japanese feel, swinging into a mix of techno and trance with a melody reminiscient of the ancient NES classic "Legend of Kage". Other notable tracks include #18 "Emotionless Passion", Kazuya's ambitious and moving stage music. "Be In the Mirror" ("Devil" stage music) steps away from the high speed beats and sets the stage for a more serious, orchestral tone, combining a pop drum rhythm with piano and strings. As a person who's a film enthusiast, I'd say that some of the songs in this disc are worthy of being put into a documentary of some sort. They are that interesting.

Unfortunately this disc does not contain all of the characters' music. Jun's stage (one of my favorites), Jack-2, and several others, are perhaps in Strike Fighting Vol. 1 or Strike Arranges. I have not sampled either.

If fast beat, cool rhythm music is your thing, then find this CD.

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