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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Original Soundtrack



2 discs, 142 minutes total

Disc 1 (72 minutes)

  1. Snake Eater (NH)
  2. "Metal Gear Solid" Main Theme (Metal Gear Solid 3 version) (HGW & Tappy)
  3. CQC (HGW)
  4. Virtuous Mission (HGW & NH)
  5. On The Ground~Battle In The Jungle (NH)
  7. Shagohod (HGW)
  8. Operation Snake Eater (NH)
  9. Mission Briefing (HGW)
  10. Across The Border ~ Snake Meets The Boss (HGW)
  11. Eva's Unveiling (NH & Nobuko Toda)
  12. Ocelot Youth (HGW & NH)
  13. The Cobras In The Jungle (HGW)
  14. The Pain (NH)
  15. The Fear (NH)
  16. Fortress Sneaking (HGW)
  17. Underground Tunnel (HGW)
  18. The Fury (NH)
  19. Surfing Guitar (NH)
  20. Sailor (NH)
  21. Salty Catfish (NH)
  22. Old Metal Gear (NH)

Disc 2 (70 minutes)

  1. Battle In The Base (NH)
  2. Volgin, The Torturer (HGW & NH)
  3. The Sorrow (HGW & Shuichi Kobori)
  4. Clash With Evil Personified (NH)
  5. Sidecar ~Escape From The Fortress~ (HGW)
  6. Sidecar ~On The Rail Bridge~ (HGW)
  7. Takin' On The Shagohod (NH)
  8. Escape Through The Woods (NH)
  9. Troops In Gathering (HGW)
  10. Life's End (HGW)
  11. Last Showdown (NH)
  12. The Return Of The MiGs (NH)
  13. Don't Be Afraid (Rika Muranaka)
  14. Eva's Reminiscence (NH)
  15. Debriefing (HGW)
  16. Way To Fall (Starsailor)
  17. Rock Me Baby (NH)
  18. Pillow Talk (NH)
  19. Jumpin' Johnny (NH)
  20. Sea Breeze (NH)
  21. Snake vs Monkey (kobo)
  • Released Dec 17, 2004 by Konami Media Entertainment (catalog no. KOLA-89~90, retail 3150 yen).
  • Composed by Harry Gregson-Williams (HGW) and/or Norihiko Hibino (NH) except where marked otherwise.
  • Disc 1 tracks 19-22 and disc 2 tracks 17-20 are "healing tracks" composed by Norihiko Hibino under various pen names.
  • Track 1-1 vocals by Cynthia Harrell, 2-13 vocals by Elisa Fiorillo, 2-16 performance by Starsailor.
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Recapturing the drama.

Reader review by Sophist (2010-05-12)

The music deployed in Metal Gear Solid 3 isn't a grandiose symphony of dramatic proportions but a tool used by the game specifically to propel the the action forward. The tracks move in great sweeps and even when not playing the game, you can sense the chaos in tracks like "On The Ground ~ Battle In The Jungle" and "Takin' on the Shagohod". Offsetting the action, the cutscenes of dialogue and character interaction are accompanied by baritone, softer tracks such as "The Sorrow" and "Eva's Reminiscence". These were used in the game well enough to move those scenes along, but without that context lose some of their power.

The compositions are a great mixture of guitars and fast paced beats contrasted by undertones and slow movements. The soundtrack is built upon speed. Whether heart-pounding enough to get you on a higher plane of action or slow to the point of heartbreak during the most dramatic scenes in the game, the music alone is enough to bring back memories from the game. Light use of piano returns for the dramatic scenes and the classic electronic feel of the previous two Metal Gear Solid games comes marching back for the action. To some extent it's enough to make me want to dust off my old copy of the game and play it again. When looking for a grand soundtrack to add to your collection, this is a good choice, though those who haven't experienced the game's story and action might find it a bit hollow.

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