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Demon Castle Dracula Best 2


2 discs, 97 minutes total

Disc 1 (53 minutes)

Track list not available

Disc 2 (44 minutes)

Track list not available

  • Released Dec 5, 1991 by Konami (catalog no. KICA-7902-3, retail 2980 yen).
  • Disc 1: Demon Castle Dracula (SFC) OST. Disc 2, tracks 1-12: The Legend Of Dracula (GB) OST. Disc 2, tracks 13-35: The Legend Of Dracula II (GB) OST
  • Reprinted on 1998/09/23
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


More nostalgic music for Dracula fans! Recommended for the SNES music.


Reader review by Jon Turner

Get ready for another nostalgic collection of Dracula (Castlevania) music. This time it's two discs, one with the music from the Super NES Castlevania IV and another with tunes from the two Game Boy Castlevanias.

Ever since it was released in 1991, Super Castlevania IV has been a classic with diehard fans. I don't think it had to do with just the graphics, or the play control, but the music as well. In fact, this music has a darker, more ghoulish flair than even the NES Castlevania scores. While it uses familiar songs in some places such as (what else?) "Vampire Killer", "Bloody Tears", and "Beginning", it also introduces new songs, such as the gripping, catchy, rocking "Theme Of Simon" and the deliciously spooky "Dracula's Theme". It really does send shivers down my spine every time I listen to it. Although there are plenty of catchy songs in the score, most of the music is basically ambient and not especially hummable. Still, it was delightful to listen to these spooky songs again; I just wish they hadn't added in sound effects in some tracks and mixed the title and password themes together (you can't hear the songs separately).

As for the Game Boy Castlevanias, the sound quality, of course, is only average. However, the music is still great, even though they don't use any of the familiar songs, like they did in Super Castlevania IV. However, there are some loud, bombastic tracks that will give you a blasting headache with their Game Boy synth, another drawback of this music.

Like the recently re-released Demon Castle Dracula Best, this CD is another recommended nostalgic treasure. The best reason to buy this album is for the Super Castlevania IV music, but diehard fans may find themselves enjoying the Game Boy music as well.

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