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Sami Dec 21, 2009

I didn't think this would happen! Konamistyle will release a combination soundtrack for the WiiWare Contra and Castlevania games. Contra Rebirth contains rocking retro-style arrangements from the history of the series, and Castlevania seems to be the same. It's coming out on the same day as the huge Castlevania collection box, March 24.

Konamistyle page:

XLord007 Jan 6, 2010

Awesome, at least I can afford that one!

Judgment Day Mar 24, 2010 that it's officially released, any idea where I can order it? WITHOUT resorting to buying the Akumajou Dracula Collection? Went through numerous soundtrack distributors, and I can't seem to find anything from an English speaking site. Open to suggestions...

Adol Mar 24, 2010

Anyway the Akumajou Dracula Collection doesn't include those tracks AFAIK..?

James O Mar 24, 2010

Looking at the listing for this (the massive box set), doesn't look like the Rebirth soundtrack is included in that.

Judgment Day Mar 24, 2010

Sorry about that - Must've been looking at an outdated preorder page while researching. Still, any ideas on who's selling the soundtrack?

Judgment Day Mar 25, 2010

Funny how I checked otaku when I made my post and it wasn't there...he must've just received it.

$50?! I'm sure the owner is playing Vince McMahon's No Chance theme on that one...!

FuryofFrog Mar 25, 2010

Unfortunately I'll be buying it tomorrow. My wallet weeps as it sincerely hates me.

Judgment Day Apr 2, 2010 (edited Apr 2, 2010)

I just got the CD in the mail. Haven't listened to it yet, but for what it's worth, the shipping from Otaku was fairly fast. And it better be for that much money tongue

FuryofFrog Apr 3, 2010

Yeah Otaku usually has a week turnover or less for me. I've ordered so much over there its ridiculous. Its my shop of choice so when they don't have something I need to go to other places that are probably not gonna stock it either.

I also noticed that there is an name on VGMDB and that he was also selling this soundtrack.

Anyone who has the soundtrack have any impressions yet?

Jodo Kast Apr 3, 2010

I just bought one for $34.99 from champ_des_pins on ebay. And as a bonus, I also picked up this one. It was the strangest thing. I was thinking to myself before I logged in to ebay, "I wonder if CDP has finally listed that Unions Jade Megaten album". And there it was.

Judgment Day Apr 3, 2010

Good stuff - might have to bookmark that user. Seems to have some good stuff in his inventory.

GoldfishX Apr 3, 2010 (edited Apr 3, 2010)

I want this. The music in the videos for these has been straight up awesome.

Jodo Kast wrote:

It was the strangest thing. I was thinking to myself before I logged in to ebay, "I wonder if CDP has finally listed that Unions Jade Megaten album". And there it was.

On a total random note, fans of the track "Ginza" need to check out the song "Loser and Winners" by the band Accept. It', pretty obvious where the backbone of the tune came from, lol. It's always been my favorite Megaten song, so I thought this was really interesting.

Daniel K Jun 4, 2010

The music on these soundtracks is great, but damn, that "retro" synth is annoying... Almost rivals the Salamander 1 arcade soundtrack in ear-gratingness. For what its worth, the synth fits Contra's fast-paced thumps a lot better than Castlevania's "gothic" style.

I do like the "Dracula Densetsu ReBirth Another Medley" though. A lot! The track selection is awesome, it combines "Battle of the Holy" from Castlevania Adventure 1 with "Lost Painting" from Symphony of the Night. Really didn't see that one coming, but I love it, since those two are among my absolute favourite tunes in the whole series!

Overall, not a stand-out soundtrack as such, but there are definitely some worthwhile highlights on here.

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