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Dracula Battle Perfect Selection

"Raging renditions of classic Castlevania themes in this ultimate of VGM rock-arranged albums." Essential Listening


44 minutes total
  1. Beginning (Cv3) [4:06]
  2. Bloody Tears (Cv2: Simon's Quest) [3:50]
  3. Ripe Seeds (Cv2: Belmont's Revenge) [3:49]
  4. Cross a Fear (Dracula X) [4:49]
  5. Requiem for the Nameless Victims (Cv Bloodlines) [6:11]
  6. Op. 13 (Dracula X) [4:23]
  7. Vampire Killer (Cv1) [3:32]
  8. Calling from Heaven (Cv Bloodlines) [5:19]
  9. March of the Holy Man (Dracula X) [3:08]
  10. Don't Wait Until Night (Cv arcade: Haunted Castle) [4:31]
  • Released Jul 21, 1994 by King Records (catalog no. KICA-1145, retail 3000 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Raging renditions of classic Castlevania themes in this ultimate of VGM rock-arranged albums.

Essential Listening

Editor's review by Adam Corn

Dracula Battle - Perfect Selection is pure guitar-driven, distortion-racked, drum-pounding, organ-laden rock, all dedicated to classic compositions from Konami's Castlevania series. The haunting atmosphere, evil mood, and highly-charged melodies from various classic Castlevania themes have been juiced exponentially in this ultimate of VGM rock-arranged albums. Warn your neighbors - things could get very loud.

Although many of the melodies here were not initially familiar to me, it was still impossible to miss the distinct Castlevania style inherent in these tracks. One can almost imagine the game-synth melody behind "Requiem for the Nameless Victims", which is intense with the feeling of Castlevania's more pensive musical side. Then there are classics like "Beginning" and "Bloody Tears", featuring the better-known action-oriented side of Castlevania music composition - fast, unforgettably melodic, and with the insidious nature of Dracula behind it. Also included are more recent Castlevania additions like "Cross a Fear" and "Op. 13" from the PC-Engine classic Dracula X. Although a bit more pop-oriented than earlier compositions, they still feature that trademark intensity and action.

Konami takes these base Castlevania melodies and charges them with a classic hard rock edge. The guitars here are hard, loud, and viciously distorted in a way that will make pre-alternative rock fans proud. "Bloody Tears" in particular simply must be heard. Unrelenting lead guitar, wicked bass guitar accompaniment, and the most hard-rocking use of organs I've heard make for almost dangerous intensity.

In the few somber tracks the hard rock instrumentation is just as beneficial. "Requiem for Nameless Victims" has that classic rock ballad appeal, and "Calling from Heaven" is nearly gut-wrenching. The funeral style organ and perfectly-placed choir samples in combination with the moving lead guitar almost speak words in their sadness.

A few complaints include a disappointingly toned-down version of "Vampire Killer" and an arrangement of "Don't Wait Until Night" which seems less-defined than the slightly remixed version in Konami Battle the Best. Also it should be noted that at 43 minutes, the CD isn't exactly filled to the brink. But the tracks that are present make themselves count in a big way.

People who dislike loud rock music with wailing guitars will want to avoid this CD. Those people I can't help but pity just a bit. There's a certain vitality in such unabashed old-school hard rock music that in my opinion is good for the spirit. Those who can relate should experience Dracula Battle as soon as possible.

Excellent renditions of Castlevania themes.

Reader review by Matthew Boblett

Techno/metal.... while my tastes usually run to classical, new age, and jazz, this CD is definitely one of my best purchases. The renditions of traditional and original Castlevania themes played here are all excellent. Everything is extremely well done. Some pieces deserve particular citation, though. First, "Requiem for the Nameless Victims" takes the rather plain music from Castlevania Bloodlines (Genesis) and turns it into a truly spectacular rock ballad. It develops and grows until it explodes in a fury of guitars - truly awesome. As my personal fave, though, I would have to single out "Calling from Heaven." It starts with a fluidity like Enya's "Sail Away", but that is quickly overpowered when the theme comes in. The guitars here are downright spiritual in their playing. In the end, the guitars disappear, leaving a flowing harmonic/melodic line that could very well have been written by Enya, flowing and ebbing. The rest of the CD is good, but not exactly to taste for me, though I will listen to it often. However, "Calling from Heaven" is definitely my favorite single piece of game music.

Classic Konami music as energetic rock.

Reader review by Tom Strickland

What better music to give the "Battle" treatment than that of the awesome Castlevania series? This CD makes an excellent addition to the Konami Battle library, combining classic Konami game music with the energetic rock of the Konami Kukeiha Club. If you are familiar with the Castlevania series, then you must have this CD! Even if you have not heard the music from Castlevania, this CD is recommended to anyone who knows what rocking game music is all about.

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