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57 minutes total
  1. Final Fantasy Tactics "Prologue Movie" [2:59]
  2. Final Fantasy V "Battle on the Big Bridge" [3:38]
  3. Parasite Eve "Primal Eyes" [3:38]
  4. Tobal No.1 "Tobal No.1 ~ Hills Of Jugon" [4:46]
  5. Chrono Cross "The Girl Who Stole the Stars ~ Fragments of a Dream" [4:13]
  6. Final Fantasy VII "The Highwind Takes to the Skies" [4:43]
  7. Vagrant Story "Graylands Incident Climax" [4:59]
  8. Final Fantasy X "Seymour Battle" [5:26]
  9. Dissidia Final Fantasy "The Order That Must Be Protected" [3:05]
  10. Bahamut Lagoon "Mid Boss Battle" [3:46]
  11. Xenogears "Flight" [2:54]
  12. Seiken Densetsu Legend of Mana "Hometown Domina" [2:20]
  13. Final Fantasy "Opening Theme" [3:20]
  14. Live A Live "Live for Live" [7:40]
  • Released Jul 25, 2012 by Square Enix (catalog no. SQEX-10318, retail 1890 yen).
  • Early editions ordered from Tower Records or Village Vanguard in Japan include a four-track bonus CD. Two arrangements are common to both editions (Final Fantasy VI "Aria" and FFIV "Rydia") while two are unique to each ("Secret of Mana Medley" and Crisis Core FFVII "Burden to Bear ~ The Price of Freedom" for Tower Records, FFVII "Crazy Motorcycle" and FFXIII "Lightning's Theme" for Village Vanguard).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.

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