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Epic May 16, 2006

I lost a few of my game music CDs back when I moved to college.  Most of them I didn't care about, but I do miss one particular track.  Don't ask me why, it just brings back memories.

Try To Star (from Gradius) on Konami Shooting Battle Perfect Selection II. 

I've scoured the internet with no luck.  The album is long out of print and even absent on ebay.  Anybody have a digital file of this track they feel like hosting, or a dusty old copy of the album they want to part with?  If not, suggestions of where to keep looking would be much appreciated.  Thanks.

Smeg May 16, 2006

If you're looking for VGM and you can't find it on VGM Central, it probably doesn't exist.

soo May 16, 2006

Sent you an email sir!

Crash May 17, 2006

I also believe that SSH Band did a cover of Try to Star, which is pretty close to the Shooting Battle 2 arrangement.  It should be up on the SSH Band website.  If that's not enough to slake your thirst, e-mail me and I can hook you up.

Smeg May 17, 2006

SSH isn't a band, it's one guy.

Zane May 18, 2006

Freudian slip? SSH and SST Band?

Crash May 18, 2006

Yeah, SSH is one guy, but my mind seems to recall in all the initial furor over SSH, he was referred to as "the SSH Band".  Then again, I am on the wrong side of thirty, so my memory isn't exactly in the best shape.

I just checked, and he does have Try to Star up on his website.  Again, not the Shooting Battle II version, but a very close arrangement.  Maybe it should be called the SSHooting Battle II arrange.

I'll shut up now.

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