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Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Original Soundtrack

"A great Final Fantasy orchestral OST gets even better - though not to its full potential." Recommended


2 discs, 368 minutes total

Disc 1 (350:53)

  1. Demo Movie (Zodiac Age Version) [1:42]
  2. FINAL FANTASY (Zodiac Age Version) [2:25]
  3. Opening Movie (Zodiac Age Version) [7:02]
  4. Into the Fortress (Zodiac Age Version) [3:33]
  5. Boss Battle (Zodiac Age Version) [3:46]
  6. Shadow Play (Zodiac Age Version) [3:39]
  7. Training in the Sewers (Zodiac Age Version) [2:31]
  8. Streets of Rabanastre (Zodiac Age Version) [5:57]
  9. Penelo's Theme (Zodiac Age Version) [3:17]
  10. To Be a Sky Pirate (Zodiac Age Version) [0:34]
  11. The Dalmasca Estersand (Zodiac Age Version) [4:28]
  12. Level Up (Zodiac Age Version) [0:07]
  13. Cooperation: Imperial (Zodiac Age Version) [3:08]
  14. Winds of Change (Zodiac Age Version) [3:01]
  15. Lowtown (Zodiac Age Version) [2:56]
  16. Quiet Resolve (Zodiac Age Version) [4:17]
  17. Giza Plains (Zodiac Age Version) [5:03]
  18. Parting Ways (Zodiac Age Version) [0:31]
  19. The Garamsythe Waterway (Zodiac Age Version) [3:17]
  20. The Clan Hall (Zodiac Age Version) [3:42]
  21. Portent (Zodiac Age Version) [3:17]
  22. Unrest (Zodiac Age Version) [3:17]
  23. Ashe's Theme (Zodiac Age Version) [5:45]
  24. Visions (Zodiac Age Version) [3:49]
  25. Flash of Steel (Zodiac Age Version) [3:02]
  26. Victory Fanfare (Zodiac Age Version) [0:57]
  27. Gathering Storm: Imperial (Zodiac Age Version) [2:19]
  28. Balthier's Promise (Zodiac Age Version) [0:39]
  29. Nalbina Dungeons (Zodiac Age Version) [4:40]
  30. Among Savages (Zodiac Age Version) [2:55]
  31. Drums of War (Zodiac Age Version) [3:07]
  32. The Archadian Empire (Zodiac Age Version) [8:06]
  33. The Barheim Passage (Zodiac Age Version) [4:06]
  34. I Give You My Word (Zodiac Age Version) [2:17]
  35. Sorrow: Resistance (Zodiac Age Version) [4:00]
  36. On the Riverbank (Zodiac Age Version) [3:31]
  37. Nalbina Fortress (Zodiac Age Version) [2:55]
  38. The Dalmasca Westersand (Zodiac Age Version) [3:18]
  39. Cooperation: Resistance (Zodiac Age Version) [3:10]
  40. The Skycity of Bhujerba (Zodiac Age Version) [4:11]
  41. The Stone's Secret (Zodiac Age Version) [3:44]
  42. Giving Chase (Zodiac Age Version) [2:56]
  43. Black of Night: Imperial (Zodiac Age Version) [2:31]
  44. On the Bridge of Leviathan (Zodiac Age Version) [4:14]
  45. Defying the Empire (Zodiac Age Version) [3:38]
  46. Discord: Imperial (Zodiac Age Version) [2:52]
  47. The Razor's Edge (Zodiac Age Version) [3:30]
  48. The Yensan Sandsea (Zodiac Age Version) [2:42]
  49. Lying in Wait [4:01]
  50. The Guardians [3:39]
  51. The Tomb of Raithwall (Zodiac Age Version) [3:58]
  52. Battle with an Esper (Zodiac Age Version) [3:45]
  53. Life and Death (Zodiac Age Version) [3:11]
  54. Ozmone Plain (Zodiac Age Version) [2:59]
  55. Jahara - Land of the Garif (Zodiac Age Version) [5:26]
  56. Golmore Jungle (Zodiac Age Version) [4:08]
  57. Eruyt Village (Zodiac Age Version) [4:37]
  58. Try to Grow Up (Zodiac Age Version) [0:09]
  59. Chocobo Theme (Zodiac Age Version) [2:25]
  60. Threat Impendent (Zodiac Age Version) [3:06]
  61. Fury of the Entites [4:13]
  62. Lust for Power (Zodiac Age Version) [3:35]
  63. Discarded Power (Zodiac Age Version) [2:50]
  64. Sorrow: Imperial (Zodiac Age Version) [3:19]
  65. The Stilshrine of Miriam (Zodiac Age Version) [3:48]
  66. Room of White (Zodiac Age Version) [4:13]
  67. The Mosphoran Highwaste (Zodiac Age Version) [3:15]
  68. The Salikawood (Zodiac Age Version) [2:56]
  69. Phon Coast (Zodiac Age Version) [4:16]
  70. The Fates (Zodiac Age Version) [3:17]
  71. Tchita Uplands [3:40]
  72. The Sochen Cave Palace (Zodiac Age Version) [3:57]
  73. Respite (Zodiac Age Version) [2:31]
  74. A Moment's Rest (Zodiac Age Version) [5:01]
  75. Gutter-churl (Zodiac Age Version) [3:32]
  76. The Port at Balfonheim (Zodiac Age Version) [2:35]
  77. Heart of a Child (Zodiac Age Version) [3:22]
  78. Catnap (Zodiac Age Version) [0:15]
  79. The Cerobi Steppe (Zodiac Age Version) [3:45]
  80. Zertinan Caverns (Zodiac Age Version) [4:00]
  81. The Forgotten City (Zodiac Age Version) [4:43]
  82. Realm of Memory (Zodiac Age Version) [4:27]
  83. Gloom [4:08]
  84. Game Over (Zodiac Age Version) [0:24]
  85. Battle on the Big Bridge (Zodiac Age Version) [3:08]
  86. The Feywood (Zodiac Age Version) [4:52]
  87. The Esper (Zodiac Age Version) [3:05]
  88. The Mystery of Giruvegan (Zodiac Age Version) [3:11]
  89. To Walk Amongst Gods (Zodiac Age Version) [3:48]
  90. Memories Eternal [3:50]
  91. The Final Act (Zodiac Age Version) [3:57]
  92. Ascent (Zodiac Age Version) [3:56]
  93. The Ultimate Trial [3:23]
  94. Sky Fortress Bahamut (Zodiac Age Version) [3:38]
  95. Bahamut Shudders (Zodiac Age Version) [0:44]
  96. Struggle for Freedom (Zodiac Age Version) [9:55]
  97. Struggle's End (Zodiac Age Version) [1:18]
  98. Ending Movie (Zodiac Age Version) [6:20]
  99. THE ZODIAC AGE [7:28]
  100. An Untimely End (Zodiac Age Version) [2:31]
  101. Vayne's Words (Zodiac Age Version) [1:33]
  102. Vaan's Resolve (Zodiac Age Version) [0:26]

Disc 2 (17:09)

  1. The Zodiac Age Music Box Arrangement [3:16]
  2. The Dalmasca Estersand Folk Music Arrangement [2:15]
  3. The Barheim Passage Piano Arrangement [2:24]
  4. The Archadian Empire Military Band Arrangement [3:09]
  5. Training in the Sewers Acoustic Arrangement [2:58]
  6. Ashe's Theme Cinematic Arrangement [3:07]
  • Released Jul 19, 2017 by Square Enix Music (catalog no. SQEX-20035~6, retail 6480 yen).
  • The first disc is a Blu-ray disc with all tracks available as both Blu-ray audio and 320kbps MP3s. The second disc is an audio CD exclusive to the limited edition (SQEX-20035~6). A regular edition (SQEX-20034) without the bonus disc is also available.
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


A great Final Fantasy orchestral OST gets even better - though not to its full potential.


Editor's review by Adam Corn (2018-02-23)

Final Fantasy XII's soundtrack has always stood out as a favorite from the series, and my only real sticking point with the original PlayStation 2 OST was that - as by far the most orchestral soundtrack in the series thus far - the completely sampled instrumentation could grow a bit repetitive over the course of four discs. Thus the fact that the PS4 remake Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age receives a remade soundtrack with live instrumentation is a pretty big deal - albeit with two caveats.

The first is that the live instrumentation applies to the woodwinds and strings, but not the brass. As you would expect then the brass-centric tracks, including the several excellent battle themes, sound about as they did in the original OST - sampled-orchestral great but not live-orchestral great. The second caveat is that the recording quality leaves something to be desired. You'll hear the much more nuanced performances of live instrumentation in The Zodiac Age, yet in some cases the original OST instruments sound clearer and nearer.

Lackluster recording quality aside, I find the standout woodwind-led tracks in FFXII - of which there are many - all sound better in The Zodiac Age, or at the very least enjoyably different. The greatest improvement, however, comes in the tracks featuring strings. Existing favorites like "The Skycity of Bhujerba", "Time of Rest", and "The Cerobi Steppe" are even better with the live strings in The Zodiac Age, and tracks like "Penelo's Theme", "On the Riverbank", and "Nalbina Fortress Town Area" that I used to skip in the PS2 OST have become new favorites.

It's hard not to be a bit disappointed that the redone Final Fantasy XII score doesn't have a full orchestral recording at the top of its class, as I could imagine such an album very easily being in the top ten orchestral game soundtracks of all time. At the same time though it's good to receive an even moderately improved version of a classic, and for those who love the original FFXII OST, or who have missed it up to this point, Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age OST is a need-to-hear album.

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