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Adam Corn Jun 9, 2017

Well this is quite the surprise - with the PS4 remaster of Final Fantasy XII Square Enix have taken the opportunity to give Sakimoto's score the live orchestral instrumentation it's always begged for, and a soundtrack release (albeit a Blu-ray one) to enjoy it with.

Square's official album page has preview snippets of the full (?) soundtrack available for listening, and though it's irritating having to click each track separately, the audio quality gives a much more favorable impression than the various YouTube vids floating around. … 12/tza_ost

At this early stage I'd say the arranged soundtrack shows - as I mention in the preview - promise but not perfection. I hear many places where the live instrumentation makes a marked improvement - especially the woodwinds in the quieter tracks - though there seem to be others where the transition from sampled to live instrumentation turns out a bit clunky. In all though it's promising enough to make this my first VGM pre-order in quite some time.

jb Jun 9, 2017

Oh my, I had no idea it was completely rerecorded. This has me even more excited!

Adam Corn Jun 9, 2017

I should clarify that it seems to be a mix of live instruments with sampled ones, though even the latter I assume have been redone. In any case there's a very noticeable difference.

Also there are 8 new tracks in the Zodiac Age edition. And it appears that "Kiss Me Goodbye" is missing (no complaint there) as well as a few other very short, minor tracks from the original OST, for a total of 104 tracks on the Zodiac Age edition.

jb Aug 15, 2017

I've been playing (and listening) to this and I'm even more in love with this than the original release. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not musically inclined enough to hear all the issues people have with it (there are some comments on the vgmdb page about using brass synth instead of live brass) but I love pretty much everything on it thus far. I'll also admit I haven't listened to it with good headphones yet, just as background music while working and while playing the game.

Really refreshing, really enjoyable. One of my favorite Sakimoto scores getting a wonderful refresh.

James O Aug 15, 2017

yeah i don't really know why there's so much hate on vgmdb for this, i thought it was just fine to me. YMMV i guess.

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