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Red HamsterX Mar 30, 2007

The soundtrack arrived today, and I've been listening to it since I got home.

First, I need to say that none of the names are familiar: Eri Arakawa, Miyoko Takaoka, and Akihiro Jyuichiya are credited with composition and arrangement. If they've worked for GUST before, I must have, like, missed it, somehow.

The (Lise disc) synth is actually pretty easy to listen to, despite being all DS-y. Of course, being DS-y in nature, it is a little flat, but not nearly as flat as I was prepared for.

As for the compositions themselves, I kinda want to say they're a little bit generic, but I won't, because I'm still mentally comparing the tracks to the awesome that GUST has been pumping out since Tsuchiya arrived. They kinda remind of Judie, but I'll need to listen to them a few more times, with headphones, before I can say that with certainty.

I'll probably start translating the tracklist on Sunday if nobody beats me to it. I'm slow, so don't wait for me if you're eager to populate a database.

Jake Mar 30, 2007

Yeah I got the soundtrack earlier this week. I listened to about half of it and it was pretty good, but I enjoyed Viorate, Elie and Iris more. I really wouldn't suggest the Premium pack. I took a chance on it, and the Gameboy tracks weren't that great. I would rather listen to Elie Unknown origins. It has a good cover though. Not a bad release but not great either.

Red HamsterX Apr 6, 2007 (edited Apr 18, 2007)

I finally got a chance to translate the tracknames, so, like, here's the result.

Please discuss which versions you prefer where multiple adaptations are provided, and *please* point out any errors. I'm still learning, so I'm quite prone to making mistakes. That said, I have limited formal training in Japanese, so someone more capable should check these whenever. Preferably before this list gets posted somewhere where it'll be more visible.

(If you want to post this tracklist and you feel like crediting me, just send an e-mail through the forum to get whatever information you need. I'll submit this list to Chudah's Corner once we're all happy with it, provided somebody else doesn't submit their version first)

01 Eri Arakawa & Rekka Katakiri - Treasure  [タカラモノ] (It's written in katakana, so maybe it should just be left as 'takaramono', but 'takara' and 'mono' are both Japanese words. To further complicate it, depending on how 'mono' is intended, this could be "Treasure", "Treasured Things", or "Treasured Person". I just went with "Treasure" for the sake of generalization, but I'd appreciate it if someone with more practical experience could explain what translation is right and why. [It probably isn't "Treasured Person", judging by the lyrics])
02 Miyoko Takaoka - Well, Let's Begin! ☆ [さぁ!はじまるよっ☆] (If anyone can think of a better way to handle 'saa', please suggest it)
03 Eri Arakawa - Twinkling ☆ Atelier[キラメキ☆工房]
04 Eri Arakawa - The Princess is an Alchemist [姫様は錬金術士]
05 Eri Arakawa - Sleeping in the Library [転寝図書館]
06 Eri Arakawa - Strong Bonds [固い絆]
07 Eri Arakawa - Afternoon Tea Time [午後のティータイム]
08 Eri Arakawa - Let's Pray [お祈りしましょう]
09 Eri Arakawa - The Royal Castle's Audience Chamber [王城謁見室]
10 Eri Arakawa - The Great Sage [大賢者]
11 Eri Arakawa - Pop Shuffle [ポップシャッフル]
12 Eri Arakawa - Wind Cutter [ウィンドカッター]
13 Eri Arakawa - Mr. Fairy's Parade [妖精さんのパレード]
14 Eri Arakawa - Colours of the Sunrise [朝焼け] | Morning Glow
15 Miyoko Takaoka - Feelings at the Beach Resort [リゾート気分な浜辺] | The Mood of the Beach Resort
16 Miyoko Takaoka - Gazing upon the Majestic Waterfall [壮大な滝を見上げて]
17 Miyoko Takaoka - Breath of the Past [いにしえの息吹] | Breath of the Ancients
18 Miyoko Takaoka - The Nourishment of Mother Nature [大自然の懐に抱かれて] | Being Held in Mother Nature's Embrace
19 Eri Arakawa - Rotting Earth [滅びの地] | Decaying Land
20 Eri Arakawa - An Epic Competition with a Huge Prize! [一攫千金大作戦!] (I think this is actually based on a Japanese idiom, but I didn't get it, so I went with its components)
21 Eri Arakawa - The Fair is Today [今日は品評会]
22 Eri Arakawa - This Problem is a Real Challenge! [難題に挑戦!]
23 Miyoko Takaoka - Yay~!! [わぁ~い!!]
24 Miyoko Takaoka - Something Strange [おかしいな?]
25 Miyoko Takaoka - Tears are all there is... [涙の数だけきっと...] | Even if Only by These Tears...* (<Tears> no <Number|Quantity> ga <dake:only,exclusively> <kitto:for sure,definitely> Have fun; I really can't think of anything better. [* This wording was suggested by another person])
26 Miyoko Takaoka - Hiee!? [ひぇぇっ!?] (Add an extra 'e' if you want. This is just an expression of surprise)
27 Miyoko Takaoka - Surprise~! [おどろいたぁ~!]
28 Miyoko Takaoka - Heart-pounding Tension [ドキバク緊張]
29 Miyoko Takaoka - A Moment of Contemplation [厳かなひと時] (I kinda applied excessive editor's intuition to the 'kanahito' in this one)
30 Eri Arakawa - Knife Edge [ナイフエッジ]
31 Eri Arakawa - Gathered Fragments of Memories [思い出のカケラたち]
32 Eri Arakawa - The Music Box is Opened [オルゴールを開けば]
33 Eri Arakawa - We Will Meet Again on that Hill [あの丘でまた会おうね]
34 Eri Arakawa - The Flowing Spring Breeze [春風にのせて]
35 Eri Arakawa - Jewelery Box of Happiness [幸せの宝石箱]

I find the soundtrack a lot more enjoyable now that I can actually sorta associate events with the music.

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