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Red HamsterX Feb 22, 2007

I'm inclined to order the premium version just because it's, like, not the regular one, but I can't seem to find any reliable information about what makes it special. (Packaging aside, of course. I'm really only interested in the CDs)

I've found some obscure English sources stating that the premium version comes with two discs comprising the soundtracks from the "Atelier Marie, Elie, and Anise" cellphone game. However, I'm only aware of a GBA release bearing that name.

The best information I've been able to extract from official sources, like GUST's site, TEAM's site, and Salburg, is that it includes music from the portable Marie, Elie, and Anise game, which really doesn't clarify anything.

If anyone happens to know exactly what the difference is, please tell me.

Also, I'd like to know who composed the soundtrack for this game, but it's GUST, so names probably won't affect my decision to buy one of the versions.

raynebc Feb 23, 2007

New Atelier game?  Are they porting it to the States on a non handheld console?

Ramza Feb 23, 2007

rayne - not sure what you mean by "non-handheld console" --- Atelier Lise is for the Nintendo DS. Chances are it WON'T make it to the US (it's an oldschool Atelier style...more like Marie and less like Iris).

Red Hamster... … SD-10021~3

Not sure if that's either vague or unreliable information in your mind, but GMRonline is the OBVIOUS first place to look for music info.

No one knows who the composer is for Lise yet, but it'll probably be the usual team (Nakagawa and Achiwa, with a possible appearance from Tsuchiya). Marie was composed by Toshiharu Yaminishi, Elie was 100% Akira Tsuchiya, and I'm not sure about Anise.


Red HamsterX Feb 23, 2007 (edited Feb 23, 2007)

Ah. The GMR entry has been edited since the last time I checked, which was about two weeks ago, when it just mentioned three discs and the names of the games. (Yes, it was the first place I looked... after GUST and Salburg, of course)

I've got every major GUST soundtrack release to date, so I'm familiar with the composers and who has worked on what, but thanks for confirming those credits.

For the record, there was no Atelier Anise, so it had no composer. She was just added to the unified Marie, Elie, and Anise GBA (and GBC, apparently) game. And since it's a combined game, it has tracks from both Marie and Elie. (No, I don't know why GUST didn't just use Lilie. She was part of the Salburg arc, too...)

However, since there hasn't been a soundtrack release for this game before, and since the only Atelier game I've actually tried playing in Japanese is Viorate, I don't know who arranged it. The GBA version was released at the start of 2003, so it could have been handled by a member of the current team, or it could have been one (or both) of the Kobayashis from Judie, or it could have been someone entirely different.

A little bit of research into the GBA version's history seems to indicate that it was developed by Banpresto under license from GUST, so it's quite likely that it was arranged by someone else.

Regardless, I'll be placing my order for the premium box now.
As long as the MEA music sounds better than cellphone synth and has more variety than some of Banpresto's independently produced stuff, I probably won't regret the price difference.


raynebc, considering that NISA hasn't said anything about Nintendo systems, and that they still haven't confirmed Grand Fantasm, you probably shouldn't hold your breath.

I'm hoping that Atlus might consider it, since they're DS-friendly, and the series isn't entirely unfamiliar to its target audience in North America. Maybe if enough of us post in their forums...

(Note: NIS [not NISA] has commented on Wii, though they haven't actually said they're considering developing for it, just in case someone skimmed an article and got the two mixed up)

Carl Feb 23, 2007

Go for the Premium!

(based on the research you've already done, Thanks)

Ramza Feb 23, 2007

Just to clarify, I know Anise didn't have her own game, that she was in on the GBA version of Marie/Elie. But I do believe original songs were written for her portion of the game, and I am unsure who wrote them.


PS - Red Hamster, have you heard any news on a Mana-Khemia soundtrack yet? I am excited about this game.

Red HamsterX Feb 23, 2007 (edited Feb 24, 2007)

Unfortunately, Ramza, I haven't actually heard much of anything about Mana-Khemia.

I saw its name on Salburg a few times, so I assume it's a GUST title, which means I need its soundtrack (and that's all I can say, really).

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