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Adam Corn Jan 5, 2013

Two releases that were never mentioned:
Ys Zanmai
Cotton OST

Granted Ys Zanmai is a festival release.  Hopefully it'll become more widely available later.  I know nothing about the music of Cotton (four discs of it), just that the game was one of those I remember mentioned in the old days of EGM and Gamefan as one of those quirky Japanese titles that never come to the U.S (though according to Wikipedia the Turbografx-16 and Neo Geo Pocket Color versions did).

rein Jul 13, 2013

avatar! wrote:

I realize this soundtrack isn't for everyone, but honestly I haven't been this excited about a soundtrack in a long time! Finally, a soundtrack to Twilight Princess...huzzah!

Avatar, I see that you've put your copy of Twilight Symphony up for sale.  Did you end up not enjoying it as much as you expected to?

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