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GoldfishX Nov 16, 2007

Based on what Sakimoto did with the "Battle on the Big Bridge" theme on FFXII, I can't I'd look forward to such a thing. Nice in sort of a novelty way, but I don't see him arranging an entire Uematsu soundtrack with any kind of tasteful results.

Wanderer Nov 17, 2007 (edited Nov 17, 2007)

While I don't think much of his "Battle on the Big Bridge" arrangement, it was pretty much what I expected considering the music that makes up the rest of the score. If he was more faithful to the original, it would have sounded astonishingly out of place in the context of the game.

I think the FFVII OST is a good historical document. The synth is painfully dated (even was when it was first released) but I don't see any reason to upgrade it (at least until the inevitable remake).

Razakin Nov 17, 2007

Bernhardt wrote:

Say Square-Enix actually decided to remake the FFVII OST. Who would you want to make the re-arrangements? Nobuo Uematsu probably would be the obvious choice, but I doubt S-E is going to be able to get him to come back.

I'd probably choose Hitoshi Sakimoto, since he seems to really have a good grasp on both classical and industrial musical styles, and he's really good at doing dark stuff, as evidenced by Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story, and Breath of Fire V.

Why wouldn't SquareEnix be able to get Uematsu back to remake FF VII ost if they're remaking the game. I doubt that SquareEnix and Uematsu are nowadays in bad terms. :P

And as much as I think that Sakimoto is the best game composer out there, he's own style wouldn't  probably work with FF VII. Considering the original material and so. Of course, Ishimoto could be good choice, he did damn good job on Crisis Core. So good that the album is on my "must buy"-list.

Sami Nov 17, 2007

'Fulfilled Desire' and a few other tracks are great, but most of it is just mind-numbingly bland, including several overused and unspirited FF7 arrangements. Wonder if the Japanese players liked the game and the soundtrack?

Isn't Sakimoto's latest work FFXII Revenant Wings for DS? Or was it FFTA2? Hoping those turn out better than FFXII, the guy really needs to redeem himself.

Bernhardt Nov 17, 2007 (edited Nov 17, 2007)

2 reasons I bought the album: "Dreams and Pride" (D1, T08), "Under the Apple Tree" (D1, T14).

The arrangement of "Anxious Heart" (D2, T05), the rendition of the Turks' theme (D1, T18), and Aeris's first theme (D1, T22) are decent.

There's a lot of generic punk rock (should've added in "Otherworld" style vocals; Devil May Cry 3 also had some badass vocals in its battle themes), but there are actually a few soulful guitar ballads; two of them are previously mentioned, "Why (Crisis Core Mix)" (D1, T31) is pretty good, too.

Basically, it's a blend of arrangements from the FFVII OST, generic sorrowful, ominous classical-styled music, generic punk rock, and through it all, there are a few soulful guitar ballads.


Doesn't look like this will be as nostalgic for me as Advent Children or Dirge of Cerberus were, but we'll see after I play the game...

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