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Zane Oct 9, 2007

Has anyone checked these games out? I am a huge fan of Link's Awakening, and was thinking about hunting down these old carts for some classic LA-ish Zelda.

Wanderer Oct 9, 2007

I've played both of them. Ages is the better game although they're both worth checking out.

Kenology Oct 9, 2007 (edited Oct 9, 2007)

I bought them both at launch back in 2001.  They're both absolutely amazing.

Many describe Seasons as being more action-based and Ages puzzle-based, but that dichotomy isn't quite accurate as far as I'm concerned after multiple playthroughs.  I didn't notice there being more combat and enemies in Seasons than in Ages, but the latter is definitely more cerebral and overall, more challenging.  Oracle of Seasons takes the Light World/Dark World mechanic of ALttP and expands on it two-fold with the four seasons concept.  It's really nicely done.  Ages is has the same concept as Seasons, but your travelling through time (past, present, future). 

Probably the coolest feature to me was the ring feature.  You found various soft patches on the ground where you can plant seeds.  After killing a certain amount of enemies, the seed eventually becomes a tree with a nut.  Crack the nut, and you get a ring.  Other times you just come across rings by finding them in chests and the more rare ones by completing side-quests.  Anyways, these rings give you special abilities like regenerate health, cause enemies to drop more rupees, increased defense, increased attack power, no damage from certain enemies, no damage from certain projectiles, etc...  think of it as Zelda's version of Paper Mario's badge system.  The Subrosians are damn cool too.

I highly recommend both games, and I encourage you to play through BOTH of them linked so you get the entire story and quest.  After you beat the first game, you'll get a password to enter once you start the second game.  You'll start off with an extra heart, your level 2 sword, and all your rings (IIRC).  Be sure to play Seasons first, because Ages is even better.

XLord007 Oct 9, 2007

I'll second Kenology's summary.  Both games are fantastic and should be played back to back using the linking passcodes (there is one true last boss that you only face at the end of the second game).

Zane Oct 9, 2007

Kenology, that post sucked me right in. eBay, here I come!

Thanks a lot, dudes. smile

shdwrlm3 Oct 9, 2007

If you loved Link's Awakening, then you're guaranteed to love the Oracle games. The gameplay in both games, of course, is heavily influenced by Link's Awakening. Many of the new gameplay elements found in LA and Link to the Past are expanded upon to great effect. In fact, I'm still disappointed that some of the new items introduced in the Oracle games haven't been used in any of the follow-up games.

Also, unlike the criminally short Minish Cap (and to a lesser extent, Phantom Hourglass), each Oracle game features a full 8 dungeons, and the "linking" feature between the games extends their lifespan even further.

I didn't notice there being more combat and enemies in Seasons than in Ages, but the latter is definitely more cerebral and overall, more challenging.

It's not so much more combat, but more "action" in general. There's a bit less emphasis on puzzles and character interaction in Seasons, but a bit more emphasis on platforming and aiming/shooting.

Ryu Oct 10, 2007

These games should be rereleased on the DS (hopefully on the same cart too) for those of us who lack the ability to play GB/C games.

Datschge Oct 10, 2007

allyourbaseare wrote:

Actually, isn't some of the music and most of the sprites taken directly from Link's Awakening?

Sprites are reused and expanded upon which is fine since the artstyle fits the GBC's limitations perfectly. But the music is by far the worst part of the games and the worst in the series imo (I consider LA's music overall the best in the series so that was quite a disappointment on multiple levels to me).

Wanderer Oct 10, 2007

Yeah, the music in the Oracle games is pretty wretched (especially after the brilliance that is the LA score). They're greatly entertaining games but you might be better off playing them with the sound off. wink

Kenology Oct 10, 2007

I didn't think the music was nearly as bad as you guys are making it out to be.

A few of the dungeon themes stood out to me, particularly the third and fourth dungeons in Ages, as well as the Tarm Ruins and Horon Village themes from Seasons.

However, I agree that neither score comes anywhere near close Link's Awakening.

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