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Crystal May 7, 2008 … th-concert

A 200 piece orchestra, I can understand.
A 400 person chorus is like 'holy shit!'
Damn, they're bringing out da big guns!

Since this is Hisaishi, tickets do sell out quickly.

But according to wikipedia, Nippon Budokan is an arena with 14,000 seats.  Even so, tickets might or might not sell out.

Another one of his works I heard recently was "The Legend (of the 4 Gods)", Terrible Korean TV series but great score
I think there's some influence from Princess Mononoke here, so look for some samples.   The words "epic" and "dramatic" could describe this score.

I'm excited to see this new Ghibli film, Ponyo.
Haven't listened to the score yet though.

Herrkotowski May 7, 2008

Apparently the score is being released soon after the release of the movie. According to CDJapan, it's going to have around 40 pieces of music! I can't wait. I love Hisaishi's music.

Adam Corn May 26, 2008

Going to a Hisaishi/Ghibli orchestral concert is one of the more notable items I still have unchecked on my Japan to-do list but I don't think this is the concert for me.  I saw my only J-pop concert (Utada Hikaru) in Budokan and while it's nice to be able to say I've been there, that venue is too huge for a proper orchestral concert I think.  With the great distance there's likely to be between you and the orchestra, and the amount of amplification it's gonna take to be audible to the whole audience, I don't see the whole live performance feel staying intact.

Smaller, slightly more personal venue and I'm there in a heartbeat.

Arcubalis May 26, 2008

Crystal, are you going to the concert?

It's a shame this stuff will never catch on in the US.  I'd love just one Dragon Quest concert.  =/

jb May 26, 2008

I hope this is recorded, either for CD or DVD or both. sad

Crystal Aug 17, 2008

JB, it'll be on NHK.  No DVD this time.

Actually a lot of his concert materials ends up on cable.
There's lots of clips on Youtube though.
But he's going to have lots more concerts in the future.

avatar! Aug 17, 2008 (edited Aug 17, 2008)

I went to a Boston Pops Concert a few years ago that was conducted by John Williams. He played his music from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Schindler's List, etc. After the concert I met with him and spoke for a few minutes. A very nice guy. That was a fun concert, and I really enjoyed it... now, I'm sure most people around here will disagree with me, but honestly, in terms of classical music (which is my fav), I don't think anything beats either ballet or opera. Both are feasts for the eyes and ears! On the one hand I'm inclined to say that opera is the height of performing art, but on the other hand, some ballerinas are just too sexy (I dated a ballerina once, and yeah some of them are way too skinny, but some are just gorgeous smile Um, anyway, have fun at the concert, and if you enjoy classical music definitely give ballet and opera a try, I think there's nothing like it!



BTW, I really enjoy Joe Hisaishi and have a number of his CDs, so I'm not just rambling here... well not entirely smile

jb Aug 18, 2008

I will pay good money to someone who can DVR + burn this to DVD. sad

jb Sep 3, 2008

Crystal wrote:

Damn, this guy is fast.

He put up the whole short 1hr version up already...a day after it was broadcast on NHK.

Only the performances seem to be here.
The interviews were cut off.
The ending with Miyazaki was cut off too.

enjoy.....   smile

I'm hoping for something more ... downloadable, but this will do for now. wink  Please keep an eye out for the full one smile

Crystal Nov 7, 2008

Arcubalis wrote:

What format is this?  I'm getting a codec error.

Use ffdshow codec

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