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stingray2501 Oct 17, 2014

I just wanted to know if anyone here has been to the Studio Ghibli Museum in the past couple years, and visited the Mamma Aiuto! Gift Shop?

I'm trying to find out if the soundtracks the Ghibli Museum are all available for purchase still, if they're out of print, or if they are only available based on what film is showing at the time of the museum visit?

I have seen some CDs on ebay now and again but I'm not sure if they're overpriced? All CDs seem to have the retail price of 1000yen each.

I'm mostly interested in Mizgumo Monmon the Water Spider and The Day I Harvested a Star.

Star is available on ebay right now for about $50USD.

Any insight is appreciated.

Thank you!

Qui-Gon Joe Oct 18, 2014

Almost positive that I still saw them all still for sale when I was there in June. Can't say 100% for certain though, since I wasn't specifically looking FOR them and was just browsing the media section.

Kirin Lemon Oct 18, 2014

I was there last month, but I didn't pay careful attention to their soundtrack selection.  Womp womp.

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