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Adam Corn Feb 11, 2012 (edited Mar 9, 2012)

Time finally to get around to the main event of the polls section - the top soundtracks of each member's VGM collection.  Any game soundtrack is eligible, including OSTs, official arranged albums and fan arranged albums in any media format.  For OSTs please list the soundtrack album release where possible.  Otherwise designate the system and format in parentheses - for example "(SNES game rip)" or "(PC Engine redbook)".

As for box sets, let's avoid including them unless it's for exclusive content that rates among your top vgm.  Otherwise list the standout individual albums within for your picks.

This will be a permanently running poll so you can update your picks at any time and the results will be re-tallied regularly.  As always be sure to use the "Answer poll" link and not just reply to the forum thread, and to use the poll's auto-complete feature when available so the results will be accurate.  There's room for up to 30 picks but it isn't required to submit the full 30.

Results will be tallied March 11, 2012.

Amazingu Feb 11, 2012

Didn't someone already do this a while back, only spread across different music sites?
The No.1 was FF6 back then, and I'd be surprised if that's any different now wink

TerraEpon Feb 11, 2012

Yeah, someone tried to get as much of the net as they could to do a huge ranking of everything.

Adam Corn Feb 11, 2012 (edited Mar 17, 2012)

A while back was almost four years ago.  I certainly have a few new picks in my top 30 since then as well as a slightly different perspective on some of the old ones, and I think it will be interesting to see how people's picks have changed even if the top result doesn't.

As mentioned the poll is automated so there's no worry about tallying (last time took quite a while and I imagine a good bit of effort) and long-running so anytime there's a major new release people can include it in their picks as they like.  Not to mention that new members (of which we do have a few) can participate and have their votes included.

GoldfishX Feb 11, 2012 (edited Feb 11, 2012)

TerraEpon wrote:

Yeah, someone tried to get as much of the net as they could to do a huge ranking of everything.

That was me, then Crash finished the project because I lost interest (and didn't appreciate the attitude I was getting from some of the other places I posted it).

Only reason I responded to Jodo's original post is because I wanted to stop and think what were my top 10 right now. Most albums don't change, but I wouldn't have had Dragon Quest anything or Mario RPG in there 3-4 years ago. If I had to choose all time favorites, of course I'd pick Chrono Trigger over Mario RPG, but Mario RPG has been a strong recent favorite. And I can't quite explain it, but Final Fantasy VI sounds better and more pleasing to the ear than it did even a couple years ago. I would have gladly replaced it or moved it down in my list if I felt there was anything stronger.

Original post///

Why the hell not...

1. Final Fantasy VI OSV - No, really...It actually sounds better now than it did 15 years ago.

2. Megaman 2 - Ditto. IMO, my definitive chiptune soundtrack.

3. Phantasy Star Sound Collection 1 - Could have used more Phantasy Star 1 and 2 Arranges and a little less of 3, but what's there is exactly how I like my VGM arranged.

4. Ys IV Perfect Collection (set) - Not going to break these up individually, as I've been listening to them as a unit for years now. A bit lazy on a couple arranges, but the peak of the Falcom sound overall. Edit: For poll purposes, I'll use Vol. 1. It's strongest at the moment.

5. Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and 2 - It had to happen and I'm glad it did. Mostly here for Sonic 2, but both soundtracks define everything I love about fun, exciting and classic VGM. Edit: Here for Sonic 2.

6. Dracula Battle Perfect Selection 1 - I have a couple nitpicks in regards to sound quality (could use a better soundstage and more low end), but the arrangements themselves are perfect. Even better, I heard this long before I heard the Rondo soundtrack (which I love),

7. Dragon Quest Symphonic Suite Box - It's rare that I enjoy most orchestral VGM (especially arranges), but I've grown to love these discs. The town themes and field themes are the highlights. Just so much fresh material to take in, especially since I've only heard a couple tracks from these suites before and I have plenty of nostalgia for the original soundtracks to several of these. I'm going through sort of an exploration phase with classical and baroque music, so these kind of helped me ease my way into it. IF I had to pick one overall soundtrack here from what's included, my favorite would be DQ 3, closely followed by 4. Edit: For poll purposes, I'll use the London Phil version of DQIII. Unless I can use the disc from this set with the town themes on it. smile

8. Super Mario RPG Original Soundtrack - I've become really attached to this one recently (enough for this to bump Chrono Trigger out of my top 10 for the moment). Really the only Shimomura work I visit nowadays, it seems to have gotten better with age (and better headphones...I love the samples used throughout the album). I regret selling my real copy awhile back.

9. Guilty Gear Original Sound Collection - Not as much of a frequent listen as in past years, it's still pretty essential. An uncompressed version would be divine.

10. Game Music Graffiti - Classic NES and Gameboy themes arranged in fun, 80's style synth. Other than a couple lousy arranges for Kid Icarus and Metroid, what's not to like.

So yeah, my non-surprising top 10 at the moment.

Yotsuya Feb 12, 2012 (edited Feb 12, 2012)

A disclaimer, I only have about 30 cds, so being a third of my collection may explain some otherwise unusual picks. On to the top ten:

1. Touch! Generations sound track - Easy listening, puts me in a good mood. My favorite track: The Scent of Color… ~Bimoji Training Title~ (DS Bimoji Training)

2. Sonic CD - I prefer techno soundtracks, and this fits the bill to a "T."

3. Nights into dreams Perfect album - Probably my very favorite tracks are on this album, the extended ones, but many skippable tracks also.

4. Tekken Strike Fighting vol. 1 - Another fantastic techno style-album. I don't have vol. 2, but I guess you could lump them together.

5. Super Mario World - Cool smooth-jazz arranges and classic soundtracks, esp. Mario 3 and  obviously Mario World

6. Nintendo Super Famicom Game Music - Several glimpses into yet unpublished classic soundtracks plus cool arrange section

7. Soldam - Found this one through a common composer from 'Tail of the Sun' which I am looking for. Fun, bright and retro. I'd like to hear more like this.

8. FF6 - The big one, one of the first soundtracks I picked up, but I don't play it too often because it is a little somber. My favorite track is probably Relm's theme followed by the searching for friends then Terra's theme, and I could go on... smile

9. FF4 - Troian beauty!

10. Chrono Trigger - Not my very first game music soundtrack (that would be Seiken Densetsu 3), but the one that got me back into game music.

Yuvraj Feb 12, 2012

Adam, are you really fixed on the 'no redbook'? I mean, you are taking down a lot of classics here and what good is it? Oh and what about albums like Dracula X, Metroid Prime/Fusion, Suikoden II and the Ys IV PCs?

Adam Corn Feb 12, 2012

Yuvraj wrote:

Adam, are you really fixed on the 'no redbook'? I mean, you are taking down a lot of classics here and what good is it?

No I'm not 100% against it.  I would kind of like to see redbook included as well but then it's hard then not to include game rips and unreleased OSTs, and when you include all those I think the selection's going to be so scattered it'll be hard to get a consensus on many albums.

One option would be to have a separate "best OSTs" or "best unreleased vgm" topic but I dunno.

Oh and what about albums like Dracula X, Metroid Prime/Fusion, Suikoden II and the Ys IV PCs?

Dracula X because of the two-disc re-release?  I can lump them together in the results.  Metroid Prime/Fusion is a single album so no problem.  The Suikoden II OSTs I would lump together (they were at one time released that way), the Ys IV PCs I'd say separate.  Not too many tricky albums like that so case by case works I think.

GoldfishX Feb 12, 2012 (edited Feb 12, 2012)

Adam Corn wrote:

Not too many tricky albums like that so case by case works I think.

Careful, I assumed that before I started the other project. People found plenty of them. sad

Okay, let me knock out 11-20. In general, I'm intentionally leaving out series revisits (I already have Megaman 2, so leaving out rest of the classic series, I already gave DQ and Final Fantasy its due, etc). Also in general, I'm tending not to favor VGM rock arranges as much as I have previously, due to the poor production on a lot of it and the fact that I have more mainstream rock/metal on my player overall, so the need for them is somewhat diminished.

11. Chrono Trigger OSV - Moved down just because I know it a little TOO well. Still Mitsuda's best work, IMO, and I've always been a fan of Uematsu's contributions to this.

12. Ys Perfect Collection - Pretty much a glimpse into what the Ys IV Perfect Collections would become, it's full of the same type of arranges and arguably better synth. Always worth a quick listen, the knocks I have against it are the brevity and about 2/3's of the second disc. Far and away, the best version of the Ys I soundtrack.

13. Genso Suikoden - Same boat as Chrono Trigger. Amazing soundtrack that I don't feel the need to remove any tracks from. Just moved down because of overexposure. On a good listening day, could easily be top 5 for me.

14. Grandia I Original Soundtracks (first volume only, with a scattering of tracks from the second volume) - Iwadare not only arranged these from what was used ingame, I believe he used full-sounding versions that did not suffer from compression to fit the game discs. One of the best production jobs on any game soundtrack I can think of and I love the light-hearted adventure feel in this. Iwadare's best overall work, by far.

15. Tokimeki Memorial Sound Collection 2 - Fun, bouncy and well produced. One of the best arrangement jobs I can think of, considering most of the themes on here are not that great in their original forms. I think they got every ounce of quality they could possibly find out of these tracks.

16. Xenogears Original Soundtrack - Other than a couple tracks at the end of the soundtrack from the final encounters, I can't find anything I want to cut out of this one. A well-deserved classic that I probably should revisit more often.

17. Sorcerian Forever Vol. 1 - I don't really know what the sound setup here is, but it fits the Sorcerian formula perfectly. More pleasant that either the JDK Specials or the Renewal albums, it's mostly high-quality chiptune-like rock from start to finish.

18. Nights Perfect Sound Collection - Not something I'd usually toss up this high, but AT THE MOMENT, it's a heavy hitter.

19. Lufia II Original Soundtrack - As stated before, a booming production job on the Estpolis Biography soundtrack, representing how most instrumental VGM should sound. Kind of hard not to like this soundtrack, outside of some filler towards the middle and end.

20. PPPPPP - Two words: "Positive Force". Best new VGM soundtrack from the past 10 years, easily and without a doubt. Souleye is nothing short of an amazing talent. I had mixed feelings on the "new" chiptune style that was developing before hearing this, I have nothing but love for this whole soundtrack.

Zane Feb 13, 2012

My list has changed pretty dramatically since last time, but here's what I got based on what's in my library (and what I ranked them several years ago). I'm including a couple of fan arranges, since arrange albums were included on the last list:

1) Final Fantasy VII OST (N/A)
2) Final Fantasy VI OSV (1)
3) Silent Hill 2 (24)
4) Final Fantasy VIII OST (N/A)
5) Final Fantasy Tactics OST (N/A)
6) Silent Hill OST (6)
7) Metroid Metal - Varia Suite (N/A)
8) Metroid Metal - Expansion Pack (N/A)
9) Silent Hill 3 (29)
10) STREET FIGHTER II Alph Lyra with Yuji Toriyama (9)
11) Voodoo Vince original Xbox game music by Steve Kirk (30)
12) Alpha Squad Soundtrack (N/A)
13) Final Fantasy Vocal Collections I -Pray- (N/A)
14) Final Fantasy Vocal Collections II "Love Will Grow" (N/A)

It looks like I've been banking on Squaresoft nostalgia in my old age. I've pretty much bottomed out on new VGM and haven't been interested in a lot of albums I used to listen to. The spark just ain't there anymore. I blame Between the Buried and Me and Cloudkicker.

GoldfishX Feb 14, 2012

Yuvraj wrote:

The Ys IV PCs I'd have to agree on (so Goldfish you may start with editing your post:)).

Already did. I decided to use Volume 1 to represent the trilogy, instead of using up three spots out of 30. I've never really been able to pick a favorite of the three, but I think Puroma Rock and Battle #58 give Vol. 1 the edge overall.

And...let's finish off the top 30.

21. Double Dragon II Arrange - I had to find a place for this one somewhere in here. Nothing fancy, just a rockin good time with one of the best NES action scores out there. Worth it for the final boss battle arrangement alone.

22. Marvel vs Capcom Original Soundtrack - It's Mahvel, baby! More valuable as something that sprinkles a handful of fun tracks into my library than a full out soundtrack nowadays, I think this is probably the most inspired Capcom fighting soundtrack out there. There's good arranges of past tunes to go along with some kickass originals all throughout the disc. In fact, I remember the samples of the Rockman Theme music being my main motivation for looking into this. Talk about a "died and gone to heaven" moment.

23. Seiken Densetsu 3 Original Sound Version - Still my favorite Kikuta album overall, it sounds like it's not taking itself too seriously when it really is. Further proof that the 16 bit era (especially the late 16 bit era) is when we saw Square's best music.

24. King of Fighters 98 Original Soundtrack - I admit I didn't quite know what I was getting when I bought this soundtrack. It's basically an anthology of great SNK themes (just as in the same way KOF 98 was an all star game of sorts for the company) with killer arranges and damn good sound quality for an original Neo Geo soundtrack. I overdosed on this soundtrack back in the day, so it gets limited playtime nowadays, but I pretty much wore the silver parts off these discs.

25. Rockman 2 The Power Fighters - One of my first 3 original soundtracks, I can say the exact same thing as I did about the Marvel vs Capcom OST above. Except this one just foregoes anything original and goes straight for the Rockman nostalgia from start to finish. I love when my player on "Random All" draws something from this album. Even though it's "just" a soundtrack to the arcade game, it's far more satisfying than pretty much all of the dedicated Rockman arranges that have crept up the past couple years.

26. Star Ocean Second Story Original Soundtrack - I used to rag on Sakuraba pretty hard for just about everything he's done since Star Ocean 3. I blame this very soundtrack for being the source of my disappointment: I just want another score like this one. If all his music sounded exactly like this soundtrack (or Valkyrie Profile...and I tend to prefer Star Ocean Second Story for being more balanced), he'd be my favorite composer.

27. Megami Tensei I and II - Probably Yonemitsu's most overall inspired arrange attempt (Ys Perfect Collection and the Ys IV Perfect Collections had their share of remakes, whereas all the stuff on the arranged disc here is fresh). Not an album I reach for all the time, but I can't say I ever walk away from it feeling disappointed.

28. Mystic Ark Original Soundtrack - As if I didn't have enough SNES RPG soundtracks cluttering up my list, I can't quite leave this one out. I sold this thing for $18 a few years ago and I definitely feel like I gave it away. Great score. Classic, but unique at the same time (okay, not Seiken Densetsu unique, but not your typical RPG score either). Those battle themes are pretty balls out rockin!

29. Rockman Dash Original Soundtrack - Another of those growers that has snuck up on me recently. Get away from the labyrinth themes the game is known for (as stated in the review here) and there's much to like about this quirky score.

30. Dragon Slayer Legend of Heroes Perfect Collection - There's something incredibly generic about this score and at the same time, an inescapable charm. Yonemitsu's arrangement job is merely decent (I have better versions of most of these tracks on other individual albums), but as a whole it comes together (with the noted exception of Neargead Castle).

Conspicuously absent: Ys III Turbo Duo Redbook. Decided to leave it off because we're still up in the air about redbooks. Oh well, it's godlike enough that it doesn't need a spot in my top 30 to feel worthy. One less spot I have to worry about.

Adam Corn Feb 14, 2012 (edited Feb 22, 2012)

After giving it some more thought I've decided to allow all game soundtracks for inclusion, including unreleased ones both redbook and not.

As mentioned in the revised guidelines, please do list the soundtrack album release whenever there is one applicable (including multi-title albums like Dracula Best and Metroid Prime/Fusion).

For soundtracks that have no applicable album release, simply list the game title followed by "(unreleased)", "(redbook)" or the like.  No need to include the system name unless there are multiple game releases with music drastically different from each other.

If anyone sees any potential problems with this system let me know.

Yuvraj Feb 16, 2012 (edited Mar 11, 2012)

I made my list (phew, took a while actually). I didn't fixate on a number but I came out on a top 20:

1. Ys III (PC Engine Redbook)
Well this is my top game soundtrack of all time and I don't think anything can ever better it. It has been about eight years since I first heard this soundtrack and it hasn't lost a tiny bit of its power. A majestic thunder that stands on the top of the mountain and smiles proudly at the rest of the list.

2. Xenogears
Mitsuda's somophore score remains my favorite. The nostalgia from the game has worn off and the synth on some tracks sounds a little outdated but the soundtrack still stands very strong on its own.

3. Ys IV Perfect Collection vol. 1
All three volumes are amazing in their own right but when it comes down to the best 'album' I have to give it to vol.1 because of it's great flow and overall funky flavour. One minus point is the Ys I rearranges on the beginning of the album which I always skip because I prefer those on the original Perfect Collection Ys.

4. Panzer Dragoon Orta
A wonderfull adventurous score which seems to get hardly any attention. Saori Kobayashi's unique panzer sound is the driving force here but the contributions from Yutaka Minobe blend in beautifully.

5. Gungage
I love Sota Fujimori's 'neo cyber gamemusic' style. Yamane's tracks are a bit weaker but they hardly tear down the quality of the album.

6. Ys IV Perfect Collection vol. 3
Volume three rocks the hardest. I mean, this is Ys at it's most brutal. But it also the most epic tracks like 'Temple of the Sun' and 'Bronze District' as well as two fantastic ending themes. Ryo's swan song in vgm (till Wild Arms years and years later).

7. Chrono Trigger The Brink of Time
An inspiring take on Mitsuda's debut soundtrack. I really wanted to list Chrono Trigger but I hardly listen to it apart from the occasional moments of nostalgia. I still consider it one of the very best RPG scores though.

8. Ys IV Perfect Collection vol. 2
This one is more dark and somber compared to the rocking vol.3 and funky vol.1 but the arrangements are fantastic.

9. Final Fantasy XII
I never got into Sakimoto but after I played the game for a while I warmed up and I started appreciating his style more and more. I only wish I could have enjoyed the game more because I really loved the whole world of FFXII and the music really added to the feel of it. Even when listening to some of the tracks I tend to 'dream away' into the various locations.

10. Ys Perfect Collection
A landmark arrange album that I love to death and would never ever sell off, it's such a classic. The first disc is absolutely flawless. The whole thing just flows like water. The second disc is a mixed bag but it has 'Endless History', nuff said.

11. Magic Knight Rayearth
A quirky little rpg score from the Saturn. I think it's underrated but you have to like the sound I guess (it was done in part by the same man behind Panzer Dragoon Zwei).

12. Dirge of Cerberus -Final fantasy VII-
I never ever imagined this would become a favorite since I didn't care for it at all when I first heard. Only a few years when I looked deeper I found some of Hamauzu's best work here, in both the orchestral and electronic tracks.

13. Ys Book I & II (Redbook)
Ys I' arrangement on the Perfect Collection is superior but for Ys II this is the place to be. Tracks like 'Subterranean Canal' are timeless and I never tire of them.

14. Dracula Battle II
The best Battle album, period. It doesn't have the classic tunes from DBI but the powerfull arrangements blow the first one out of the water (yeah I said it).

15. Dracula X
Two classic Dracula scores on one album. The Genesis OST has more character in it's sound (I always found the PC Engine OST a bit too bright) but overall I like both equally.

16. Last Bible III soundtrack
An underground megaten gem that suprisingly saw an album release recently. I love it and it's the only SNES score I listen to nowadays.

17. Aquales
I don't even know who the composer is but who cares. This is oldschool gamemusic to the max.

18. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
Perhaps a bit too dark for general listening but man, there is nothing like it in vgm.

19. Saga Frontier II
Couldn't leave Hamauzu's classic out.

20. Rom Cassette Disc In SUNSOFT
Ok, I had to list atleast something from the good old NES. Actually this disc really does deserve a spot. Sunsoft made the best music for the NES and this disc collects all the classics. But never mind that, Batman alone is reason enough to list this disc, well to be more precise: stage 1 of Batman. That's right 0:57 of playtime warrants the purchase of this album. ^_^

EDIT: I changed the rankings a bit (FFXII especially was a bit too high).

vert1 Feb 18, 2012 (edited Feb 18, 2012)

How do you want to list Breath of Fire 1 which was only released in a boxset!?

Adam Corn Feb 18, 2012

I would list it as "Breath of Fire (Breath of Fire Original Soundtrack Special Box)".  Or if you just wanted to list the entire box itself that'd be fine really, there's quite a bit of exclusive content on it.

Crash Feb 20, 2012 (edited Feb 20, 2012)

1. Falcom Special Box '94
Still the champ, in my opinion.  Ys IV + Legend of Xanadu + Popful Mail, all arranged beautifully.

2. Ys I & II Chronicles Original Sound Track
I wasn't entirely sold on this when I first listened, but I now view it as the definitive Ys I & II soundtrack.

3. PinkSweets Original Sound Track
The best Cave album I've heard, and the best album with all new material from the last 10 years, in my opinion.  It is very treble-heavy, but I really enjoy it.

4. The Legend of Dragon Slayers
Arrangements from Dragon Slayer, Xanadu, Romancia, Legacy of the Wizard, and Sorcerian, in that early game music style I like so much.

5. Guilty Gear X Heavy Rock Tracks ~ The Original Soundtrack of Dreamcast
The recording quality is sub-par, but the melodies are dynamite.  If they ever did an audiophile-quality remastering of this album,  this could shoot up to #1 on my list.

6. Ys -The Oath in Felghana- Original Sound Track
Listening to older Ys III albums (apart from the redbook) is just not as palatable after this release.

7. Tokimeki Memorial Piano Collection
The ultimate soothing piano music.  A very simple arrangement style is used, which lets the melodies shine through.

8. Perfect Collection Ys IV The Dawn of Ys Vol. 1
The best of the Ys IV PCs IMO.  The first eight tracks are spectacular, and while the rest of the album cools down a little after that, it's still very well done.

9. Game Music Graffiti
Three classic Nintendo albums combined into one (excluding the original music on Game Boy Graffiti).  If I were to pick one album that showcases Nintendo music from the '80s, this is it.

10. Insector X
This has perhaps the best recording quality of any VGM album I have heard.  When I am testing out speakers, I use a track from this album to test the bass.

11. All Over Xanadu
Another classic Falcom arrangement.  Very similar to The Legend of Dragon Slayers.

12. Perfect Collection Sorcerian
The best Sorcerian album ever made (and there were a lot of them).  The first disc is probably the strongest of any of the two-disc Falcom Perfect Collections (except Perfect Collection Ys), while the second disc surpasses most of the others as well.

13. Musics from Super Star Soldier
This has both original and arranged game music on it, and both are superb.  Classic shooter sounds from the TurboGrafx era.

This album is what got me interested in the Shin Megami Tensei series.  Awesome stuff.

15. MIDI Power Pro 6 ~Akumajo Dracula X Gekka no Nocturne~
We all know the source material on this album is great, and the arrangements on this album are pretty fantastic, too.  The Long Library medley alone makes the album.

16. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Hyrule Symphony
I am a sucker for string ensembles, and this album does great work with one.

17. Falcom jdk Band 2008 Spring
A worthy follow-up to the earlier Falcom JDK Band albums.

18. Perfect Selection Konami Shooting Battle II
My favorite of the Konami Battle albums. To me, it has the cleanest sound and fewer losers than the other albums in the series.

19. Devil Crash / Alien Crush
Another classic TurboGrafx score brought to life.  Yes, there is pretty much only one song in the game, but it is infectious.

20. Ys vs Sora no Kiseki Alternative Saga Collective Music Files
A rocking arrangement of Ys and Sora no Kiseki tunes, plus a whole other disc of the best Falcom music ever made?  I don't see how I can turn this down.

21. Symphony Ys '95
At times soothing, at times moving, always entertaining.

It's hard to not like the bouncy music on this one.

23. Soukaigi Original Soundtrack
A very well-rounded album overall.  Lots of musical styles present, and everything is pulled off admirably.

24. V'BALL
The O'Bits project albums are something special, and this one is my favorite of them all.  Maybe it's for sentimental reasons, as I played Super Spike V'Ball on the NES for hours and hours.

25. Super Mario Bros. 3 Akihabara Electric Circus
Another good representation of the old-time Nintendo sound.

26. Cyber Core
Another TurboGrafx era shooter.

27. DOUBLE DRAGON II The Revenge
28. Ninja Ryukenden II - Ankoku no Jashin Ken
Two more O'Bits albums.  It's hard for me to choose between them, so I put them both on.

29. Hoshi no Kirby: Yume no Izumi no Monogatari
The original music is OK, but the arrangements are top-shelf.

30. Rom Cassette Disc In SUNSOFT

I regret not putting any Bemani artist albums on the list, as I really enjoy the songs on them.  Ryu's Starmine album would probably be in the top 10 otherwise, and dj TAKA's Milestone would also make the top 30.  I haven't spent enough time with Tatsh's Material yet to decide if it would belong, and I expect that wac's Ongaku and Y&Co's new albums could also merit consideration.  I felt like they were not in keeping with the spirit of the list.

Ashley Winchester Feb 27, 2012

1. Xenogears Original Soundtrack
- excellent soundtrack; very little filler
2. Wild Arms Original Soundtrack
- Naruke's work was obviously a big reason why the game was a bit hit with me; I'd love to nominate 2nd Ignition but it has far too many problems
3. Tomb Raider (PSX Redbook Audio)
- it may be short but Tomb Raider's music is a big part of what the game brings to the table
4. Biohazard 2 Original Soundtrack
- while some will disagree I see this (and the game) as an improvement over the original
5. Panzer Dragoon II Zwei Original Soundtrack
- the original game may have had an orchestra but I think it was the second game that really cultivated the Dragoon sound
6. Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos (NES: Unreleased)
- The music for the first NES game is great as well but this is one hell of a sequel; battle pieces could be better but the score is insanely verstile
7. Super Metroid - Sound in Action
- actually, love the music but I hate Sound in Action
8. Mega Man X4
- sorry, there is no way in hell I can even nominate Mega Man 2. It's played out...
9. Seiken Densetsu ~Legend of Mana~ Original Soundtrack
- again an excellent soundtrack with very little filler
10. Final Fantasy VI Original Sound Version
- anyone surprised?
11. Doom (SNES: Unreleased)
- power up Prince's tunes with the SPC700? Yes please! Too bad two tracks had to be cut due to memory limitations
12. Super Castlevania IV (Part of Dracula Best II)
- I know this misconstrues the term but I love how SC4's music is prog-like

PerfectZer0 Mar 2, 2012 (edited Mar 3, 2012)

1. Shutokou Battle Original Sound Track (ABCA-17)
3. Fuujin Ryouiki Eretzvaju Original Soundtrack (AZCA-10018)
4. Assault Suits Valken (TOCT-6861)
7. Lords of Thunder (Sega CD Redbook)
8. The Terminator (Sega CD Redbook)
9. Android Assault ~ The Revenge of Bari-Arm (Sega CD Redbook)
10. Critical Depth (PSX Redbook)
11. Falcom Special Box '94 (KICA-9020~2)
12. Jet Moto (PSX Redbook)
13. Ys ~The Oath in Felghana~ Original Soundtrack (NW10102660-1~2)
14. Lost Child Original Sound Track from S.S.H Side-B (HBMC-009)
15. Lost Technology + Plus (FNAG-0009)
16. NiGHTS into dreams... PERFECT ALBUM (WM-0601~3)
17. Technosoft GAME MUSIC COLLECTION VOL.7 ~ Reincarnation (TCS-0007)
18. Mushihimesama Futari Original Soundtrack (CVST-0006)
19. ESPGALUDA II Original Sound Track (CVST-0004)
21. Shin Contra Original Soundtrack (KOLA-016)
22. Wild Arms Music the Best -rocking heart- (KICA-1416)
23. Chaos Legion Original Soundtrack (CPCA-1072)
24. SOULCALIBUR II original soundtrack (SSCX-10086~7)
25. Ys VI The Ark of Napishtim Original Sound Track (YS6OST-1~2)
26. Dead or Alive 4 Original Sound Trax (KWCD-1009)
27. Gungage Original Soundtrack (KMCA-19)
28. Omega Boost Original Soundtrack (SVWC-7032)
29. Tobi Tsukihime Soundtrack (ODZR-0001)
30. Mushihimesama Double Arrange Album (CVAS-003)

I don't like to think this as in any order as my favorites.  It's just a top 30 awesome soundtracks.  Damn I forgot to add Airforce Delta (Dreamcast)...oh well! 

To be honest the first pick is true.  It is my fav. Well, kind of a tie with Airforce Delta.

Crap, I should have included Elder Gate OST....this is why I hate top lists because I think of stuff after the fact.

vert1 Mar 4, 2012 (edited Oct 11, 2018)

1. GötzenDiener Original Game Music
2. Beyond the Beyond Original Game Soundtrack
3. Baroque Original Soundtrack
4. Ys III (PC Engine redbook)
5. Fuujin Ryouiki Eretzvaju Original Soundtrack
6. Ibara Original Sound Track
7. the lunatic: Ibara Remix Tracks
8. Bare Knuckle 2
9. Neo Contra Original Soundtrack
10. Brandish Piano Collection

2018 edit
No. 5 could be replaced by Baten Kaitos. No. 7 was a pick due to the last track. Should be replaced by Eternal Arcadia Original Soundtrack.

Axelay should be in there. Not satisfied with this list.

Crash Mar 6, 2012

Here are the albums that had been on my top 30, but which got replaced this time:

Gradius Arcade Soundtracks - I still love the Gradius soundtrack, but it is a little on the short side.
Perfect Collection Ys - For a very long time, this was probably my favorite VGM album.  I just think that the Ys I & II Chronicles OST does a better job with the material.  In addition, there are a few songs on Chronicles that aren't on PC Ys (the most noteworthy being "Tension").
Eternal Arcadia OST - There are some themes that still really move me, but there is a lot of ambient music that's just so-so.
BeForU - Still a fun album to listen to, but I need to be in the right mood for it now.
Falcom Neo-Classic - I may be the only person who prefers the second disc from this album.  It's still very good; I just don't see myself reaching for it very often.
Rockman II - The Power Fighters - A few years ago, this clearly outclassed every Mega Man album out there.  Now, there is some heady competition.
Katamari Damashii Fortissimo - The good songs are great, but the bad songs are awful.
Zwei!! Super Arrange Version - I don't find myself liking this nearly as much as I used to.
Perfect Selection Twinbee - Half the songs are dynamite, but when I'm listening to the other half, I get really anxious.  I don't like that feeling.
All Sounds of Sorcerian - Really, this was mainly on there for the first and last songs, which are really fun to listen to.
Star Ocean: The Second Story Fantasy Megamix - I still like this one a lot, but others have taken its place.
JDK Band - I think I've just overdosed on this one.

the_miker Mar 7, 2012 (edited Mar 7, 2012)

Akumajo Dracula Best
Biohazard 3 Last Escape Original Soundtrack
Capcom Music Generation Rockman X1~6
CREID Yasunori Mitsuda & Millennial Fair
FINAL FANTASY VII Original Sound Track
FINAL FANTASY VIII Original Soundtrack
Jet Set Radio Original Sound Tracks
Perfect Selection Dracula ~NEW CLASSIC~
Policenauts F/N
Seiken Densetsu 3 Original Sound Version
Seiken Densetsu / Legend of Mana Original Soundtrack
Shin Contra Original Soundtrack
SONIC ADVENTURE "Digi-LOG Conversation" Original Sound Track
Sonic R
VAGRANTSTORY Original Soundtrack

This was not easy to do!  Just an unofficial list in alphabetical order for now.  Will actually answer the poll after I rank them.  Only factored in albums that I currently own and left out solo works like Akira Yamaoka's iFUTURELIST and Kukeiha Club's HOPE.

the_miker Mar 9, 2012

Amazingu wrote:

Wow, no Sonic Colors or Sonic Generations, Mikey? wink

Haha I can't stress the This was not easy to do! part enough.  I didn't wanna saturate my list with certain series (Sonic, Silent Hill, Final Fantasy) so I chose a few from each.  Sonic Gens was on my list at one point but it got bumped out for some reason.  Tried to keep my top 30 as diverse as I could.

Zorbfish Mar 9, 2012

Not much of a regular (more of a lurker) but here we go.

1. Kirby Super Star (SNES Game Rip)
2. Final Fantasy VI Original Sound Version
3. SaGa Frontier Original Soundtrack
4. Romancing SaGa -Minstrel Song- Original Soundtrack
5. Seiken Densetsu 2 Original Sound Version
6. Earthbound (SNES Game Rip)
7. Breath of Fire III (Breath of Fire Original Soundtrack Special Box)
8. CLANNAD Original Soundtrack
9. Unlimited Saga Original Soundtrack
10. Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack
11. Persona 3 Original Soundtrack
13. Romancing SaGa 3 Original Sound Version
14. Seiken Densetsu ~Legend of Mana~ Original Soundtrack
15. Breath of Fire V Dragon Quarter Original Soundtrack
16. Atelier Iris GRAND FANTASM Original Soundtrack
17. Soukaigi Original Soundtrack
18. Kud Wafter Original Soundtrack
19. AIR Original Soundtrack
21. Persona 4 Original Soundtrack
22. Chrono Trigger Original Sound Version
23. Gyakuten Saiban 3 Original Soundtrack
24. Fate/stay night Original Soundtrack
25. Shizuku • Kizuato Original Soundtracks
26. Genso Suikoden Original Game Soundtrack
27. WILD ARMS Complete Tracks
28. Dousei & MOON. Original Soundtracks
29. Phantom Brave ~Original sound track~
30. WILD ARMS the Vth Vanguard Original Score Vol.2

That,... was tough. Still not happy about the order. Mostly based it off my current listening habits and not my overall collection. Left off original and fanmade stuff because I know no one cares about that here.

Boco Mar 10, 2012 (edited Mar 25, 2012)

Putting together this list was tough! And then deciding on an order for them was even worse. Still frustrated with where some of these ended up on my list, but I doubt I can do any better. There were also a lot of great soundtracks that didn't quite make the cut. I'd definitely be feeling more at ease if this was a top 50 list. Anyway, lots of obvious choices and a couple controversial ones as well. This list is pretty much me!

1. Chrono Cross (SSCX-10040)
2. Final Fantasy VII (SSCX-10004)
3. Mushihimesama Double Arrange Album (CVAS-003)
4. Ace Attorney (CPCA-10124)
5. Secret of Mana (PSCN-5030)
6. Air (KSLA-0004~5)
7. Mega Man X (CPCA-1076~80)
8. Super Metroid (SNES game rip)
9. Perfect Selection Konami Battle the Best (KICA-1189)
10. Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack Premium Box*
11. Mega Man 2 (CPCA-1064~6)
12. Halo 2 original soundtrack volume two*
13. Ace Attorney: Investigations (CPCA-10204~5)
14. Star Ocean: The Second Story (FSCA-10063)
15. Eternal Sonata (KICA-1445~8)
16. Persona 3 (SVWC-7380~1)
17. Pink Sweets (CVST-0005)
18. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Story (PSCN-5040)
19. Pokemon Red/Green/Blue (TGCS-384)
20. Final Fantasy Tactics (SSCX-10008)
21. Final Fantasy IX (SSCX-10043~6)
22. Star Ocean -The Last Hope- (SQEX-10139~42)
23. Super Mario RPG (PSCN-5047~8)
24. Area 88 (CPCA-10161)
25. Metroid Metal - Varia Suite (SUR-006)
26. Star Fox (TECD-25275)
27. Xenogears (SQEX-10043~4)
28. Super Contra (KICA-2307)
29. Wild Arms (KICA-1389~90)
30. Perfect Dark Dual CD Soundtrack (N/A)

* Technically all of the music has been released for these, but it's spread out across two or more separate releases. Picking an individual, incomplete release doesn't sit well with me. Consider them to be complete game rips from the PC versions or fictional complete soundtracks that contain all the music. Either one works!

And now, the soundtracks that didn't quite make the cut:
Ace Attorney 3
Atelier Iris ETERNAL MANA 2 Arranged Tracks RED LUCIFER RISING
CADENZA -Gyakuten Saiban 1-
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Ecco the Dolphin
Etrian Odyssey
Etrian Odyssey 2
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VIII
Kingdom Hearts II
Mega Man 3
Super Mario World
Super Castlevania IV
Ys ~The Oath in Felghana~

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