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TerraEpon May 29, 2008

...anyone able to read Japanese and translate the linar notes? I'm especially curious about tracks 22-23, if they are soruced from any where (in the past/future), not to mention the first 11. It actually matters if they are soundtrack-based and from what in how I catagorize knowledge would be nice.

(not to disparage Ramza's review on RPG Fan or anything)

Anyone who can help, thanks.


Cedille May 30, 2008 (edited May 30, 2008)

TerraEpon wrote:

if they are soruced from any where (in the past/future), not to mention the first 11.

I'm always told every Hamuzu track is from Ravel / Debussy discographies and yet gets to a higher and truly-unexplored dimension by 21st century's greatest flair.

...In all seriousness, I think they're just his original compositions, not from VGM soundtracks. You can babelfish or ask someone fluent in English to translate this.

「Eisblauer Himmel」

「Die Wahrheit」

Ramza Jun 1, 2008

The first 11 are original compositions that he wrote.

From what I can tell, the descriptions for Wahrheit and the other track (the un-sourced ones in the mix of all the VGM) are just musings re: how he composed it and whatnot. He is intentionally discreet about their source (that is, he says nothing about it), from what I can tell...and I wouldn't be surprised to find them on FFXIII. But we'll see.


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