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PerfectZer0 Nov 4, 2007

Ok, I have to get this off my chest.  I've listened to hundreds of VG OSTs and own a little over 200 soundtracks, and to this day Thunder Force V has remained the most outstanding OST I have ever heard.  Nothing so far over the years have topped songs like "Legendary Wings", "Rising Blue Lightning", "A3", "Cyber Cave", "Steel of Destiny", "The Justice Ray Part 2", and "The Last Letter",  and I mean nothing has topped these tunes.  No orchestrated OST, no big time composer has ever come even close to this pure synth monster of an OST.....nothing.  And this type of quality is all from a 10 year old soundtrack that tears appart everything that has come out after it.

Thunder Force V has aged extremely well and kicks the crap out of a pretty much everything thats out there today.  Ok my rant is over... big_smile

GoldfishX Nov 4, 2007

I can't say I like TFV quite THAT much, but it is a great soundtrack nontheless. The whole series' music is gold. The synth in V is a little weak. But yeah...I'm not going to argue with a soundtrack that has a kickass track called "Iron Maiden". That, "Steel of Destiny" and "Rising Blue Lightning" are probably my favorites from it.

Vaeran Nov 4, 2007

If I already have Lost Technology, is it worth it to shell out for Lost Technology Plus?

PerfectZer0 Nov 4, 2007

I own both Lost Technology OSTs, and Lost Technology +plus tunes are upped in the volume department compared to the original Lost Technology OST and there are also added tracks to +plus like Steel of Destiny (Original Sound Long Version) which has a wicked synth guitar solo in the middle....Lost Technology +plus is a two disc set with added tracks.  If your a Thunder Force fan you'll get it.  Lost Technology +plus is the better remastered version of Thunder Force V's OST.

Jodo Kast Nov 5, 2007

I like the Lost Technology album and anything resembling techno usually does not please the hammer, anvil and stirrup. My tolerance towards techno has lightened through exposure to Zuntata, as one must cope with techno to ingest much of what they produce. I would say that Lost Technology is on par with Lost Child by S.S.H. (that's a good thing). I'm using techno too broadly; perhaps electronic whining rock would be a better term.

GoldfishX Nov 5, 2007

I gotta say...If Thunderforce V were redone with the guitar synth SSH uses, it'd be among my all-time favorites no question.

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