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XISMZERO Oct 31, 2006

For years now, this one has been a mystery. Who composed the music for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the sidescroller for NES)? While the game itself contains no credits/staff listing (for obvious reasons?), I nonetheless find the game's music to be entirely memorable, catchy stuff (possibly ripped off of American pop music here and there). Well, does anyone have any idea who might've fessed up to composing it?

It's been tought that a Konami staffer named "K. Nakamura" or suspectedly Kozo (or possibly Keizo) Nakamura did it as he was credited for the other TMNT NES titles, but this doesn't mean anything in stone.

Sabreman Oct 31, 2006

Keizo Nakamura, according to OCR.

XISMZERO Oct 31, 2006

I guess what I'm looking for is proof. Is it impossible to prove based on there being no credits in the game itself? Maybe...

Kenology Oct 31, 2006

That TMNT soundtrack is one of the reasons why I love NES music so much. 

Those were the days.  4-sound channels (?) of bliss, I tell ya.

XISMZERO Oct 31, 2006

CHz wrote:

Keizo Nakamura's name seems pretty widespread; cf. and Dunno where they got their information from, though.

Pretty sure both sources took this right from OCRemix. No proof on that though. As for OCRemix, not sure how they came up with the name. There seems to be a credit on the music from MAME World ( from the Play-Choice 10/Coin-op iteration (which I believed derived straight from the NES version untouched). So further the question: Keizo Vs. Kozo?

Strange thing about this is that there seems to be another Nakamura inside Konami today who happens to compose music. His name is Kozo Nakamura. This has led me to conclude that the composer, given these unsubstantiated facts (a screenshot would be the gold egg) My final guess is that Keizo is an incorrect translation of Kozo, of Kozo Nakamura who does music for Bemani music. Only problem is when I scan his name for matches, all I find is his recent history with Konami and nothing of any history which makes a harder case to think he composed anything for FC/NES. Couple this with the fact that so many composers of the era used surnames, the internet in general, and I'm almost ready to say there's no way to prove anything.

Sabreman Nov 1, 2006

I wonder if Konami themselves would be gracious enough to answer such a question via email? Might be worth a shot...

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