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Mercenary09 Nov 11, 2006 (edited Nov 11, 2006)

For anyone who has played the game and has heard the soundtrack.. I was wondering if the song from the demo is also on the soundtrack, or at least whatever song plays when you let the game run and watch it. Specifically, since it seems to show two parts, the song that plays where it shows Amaterasu fighting some enemies.

I haven't actually had the pleasure of listening to it so I can't confirm it myself, but I asked someone else and they couldn't find it and I haven't badgered them anymore to see if it's there, so maybe someone else might know.

Angela Dec 1, 2006

Can't quite pin which tracks you're speaking of, but it's more than guaranteed that it's featured on the Original Soundtrack.  Honestly, it has EVERYTHING Okami music-related on it. ^_^

Mercenary09 Dec 1, 2006

So I've heard. If you have the game (I thought I mentioned it, but I guess at the time I wasn't aware of the name and didn't) it starts to play when the lazy bum descendant is riding on a log. I thought it was a boat for some reason and my friend corrected me. *If* you have the game, then you could see for yourself. Or even probably some demo trailer.

Hm.. bah. I always have a bad time finding the term that is applied to it. It's one of the two openings: (I think this is the second)

It plays at 0:35, even if it's a short part of the song.

Angela Dec 2, 2006

Gotcha.  I just gave the video a listen, and I *THINK* it might be part of the track called "The Sun Rises" -- I'll need to do a direct comparison with the OST to be absolutely sure.  Will let you know.

Angela Dec 3, 2006

Upon closer inspection, I rescind my comment; "The Sun Rises" doesn't appear to be the clip in question.  I gave the entire OST a once over, and the only track that sounds anywhere close to the clip is the track "Tokyo Game Show 2004 Promotion" -- and yet, it's still not quite the same.  You be the judge:

Tokyo Game Show 2004 Promotion

Mercenary09 Dec 3, 2006

I guess this mystery is over. Thanks for looking into it, though.

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