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Chris.Tilton Dec 28, 2006

Did anyone get this soundtrack? I just started listening today and I have to say I like it a lot. Definitely on par with MGS3 so far.

Zane Dec 28, 2006

So it sounds like Hibino's other works, pretty much?

XISMZERO Dec 28, 2006

The soundtrack is entirely Metal Gear and that goes in hand with the opening vocal but I don't see Muranaka's name anywhere! Nice saxophone by Hibino though...

Chris.Tilton Dec 28, 2006 (edited Dec 28, 2006)

According to the insert, the following composers contributed...

Kazuma Jinnouchi, Nobuko Toda, Yoshitaka Suzuki, Norihiko Hibino, Takashiro Izutani, Akihiro Honda all contributed about equally, while Nobuko Toda did one track, and collaborated on two others. All of the music sounds very much like an extension of what Harry Gregson-Williams and Hibino established in MGS3.

Addendum: Honda wrote the opening song, and it seems Hibino served as overall producer on the soundtrack.

Angela Dec 29, 2006

It's an awesome soundtrack.  I thought we'd seen the last of Hibino's involvement with Metal Gear since he left Konami after MGS3, and even though there are others who contributed to Portable Ops, you can readily pick out his tracks.  The same sort of orchestral-style backings, tight electric guitar work, and funky 60s-ish spy-theme motif runs throughout.

True, this is very nearly a direct extension of MGS3's soundtrack, where tracks and musical elements borrow heavily from said score, and even from MGS2.  "Sad Man's Theme," for instance, is like a direct stand-in for MGS2's Peter's Theme, and "Research Lab" mirrors Battle In The Base/ ~ Caution Phase from MGS3.  The track "Evasion" is also almost note for note exact from MGS2's Countdown To Disaster.

"Calling Into The Night" is stunningly beautiful, but it's surprising that we didn't get PO's version of the "Metal Gear Solid Main Theme" that played in the various trailers.  (The track titled "TGG" provides the beginning cue from the trailers but then mercilessly cuts off before the Main Theme melody even begins.)  I of course was left no choice but to make a musical edit from the trailers themselves, albeit with sound effects/voices and all:

MGS: PO "Metal Gear Solid Main Theme"

Chris.Tilton Dec 29, 2006

Angela, after listening to your edit, I honestly don't miss the MGS theme. The stuff before and after is a lot cooler I think, which is on the CD. I didn't really find that the statement of the theme really added anything new, and in fact I think it's not nearly as good as the iterations in MGS2 and 3. The string samples were kind of bare and dry, and they cut off really short, which just sounds weird to me. If you hunger for it, why not just put the theme from MGS2 and 3 soundtracks into the playlist?

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