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Cogo Apr 19, 2007

Last December, Yasunori Mitsuda travelled to Australia to attend the concert Passion, which included selections from Hitoshi Sakimoto and Mitsuda himself. A recording was done prior to the concert, and the result can now be heard on an album which is to be released tomorrow at the premiere of A Night in Fantasia 2007: Symphonic Games Edition in Sydney. Mitsuda will also make a return to Australia for this concert, a long with some other great composers: Yoko Shimomura, Hitoshi Sakimoto, and Kow Otani!

Here you can listen to a sample and watch a nice video clip: … eview.html

I need to get this album as soon as possible!

lordskylark Apr 19, 2007

That would explain where that track came from when it was released on the internet a few weeks ago...


Smeg Apr 19, 2007

Oh man, this is exciting. DVD PLZ

Cogo Apr 20, 2007

Yes, a DVD would be great!

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