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Chris Feb 24, 2009

Got the scoop about the concert here. Sounds fantastic -- there's even a CD release. The official site is now open too although is a little difficult to navigate!

Adam Corn Mar 7, 2009 (edited Mar 9, 2009)

Since this is going on the front page, here's a quick rundown of the concert minus the fluff of the official site:

-One-time performance in Sydney on Saturday, Sept. 26 2009 from 7pm
-Arranged/orchestrated by Shiro Hamaguchi
-Featuring arrangements from Shadow of the Colossus, Diablo 3, Ace Combat, and Idol Master, with more game and anime soundtrack selections to be announced (God of War is alluded to)
-Subsequent album release will include a CD with selections from the show as well as a DVD of the concert itself

...end official blurb.

I think it's safe to say with Shiro Hamaguchi at the helm there'll be some Final Fantasy in there too.  Hopefully they'll offer an album release with just the music itself.  Would rather not pay a premium for a DVD I'm only going to watch once.

Chris Mar 8, 2009

I think there should be a Final Fantasy performance, but likely a secondary arrangement by Shiro Hamaguchi rather than a new one. Either way, I wouldn't expect it on the CD since Square Enix is notorious for not allowing their music be published on multi-title CDs (e.g. VGL, PLAY!, Best of the Best).

Ordim Mar 9, 2009

Adam Corn wrote:

-One-time performance in Sydney on Saturday, Sept. 7 2009 from 7pm

Adam, I think the performance takes place on September 26.

Adam Corn Mar 9, 2009

Ordim wrote:

Adam, I think the performance takes place on September 26.

Thank you!  Don't know what happened there.  Post edited smile

Chris Mar 21, 2009

Hiro told me that Afrika composer and Resident Evil 5 orchestrator Wataru Hokoyama will be involved in the concert. Hokoyama will personally conduct a performance from his acclaimed score to Afrika. In addition, he will assist in arranging some of the music for the concert.

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