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loveydovey Sep 19, 2007

I came across this game rip, "Final Fantasy VII International (Extra CD game rip)," on another site and wanted to ask if anyone here is familiar with this and if so, do you know if this means that "Final Fantasy VII International" had new songs not in the regular FF7 game (I would assume so, thus this game rip) and if these new songs are composed by Uematsu Nobuo?


Dais Sep 19, 2007 (edited Sep 19, 2007)

Finally, my area of expertise!
(And by area of expertise I mean "hey, I downloaded that!")

Taken straight from the NFO distributed with the music:

This is the music from the 4th disc of FFVII International, which contains various infos,
pictures, movies & even more. I haven't been able to identify the composer; maybe it was
still Nobuo Uematsu...? If anyone can confirm a name, please let me know.

Basically it's an omake disc (the official name being something like "Final Fantasy VII Perfect Guide" - ファイナルファンタジーVIIパーフェクトガイド), and some completely original (?) music (although there are some references to classic FF songs) plays on it's various menus . It's likely the only way we'll know who composed it is to find a copy of the credits of the International version. However, I can't think of any reason why someone would feel the need to put those on the internet, and it's possible that even then the creators of the omake disc/the composer of the music isn't credited.

It MIGHT be Uematsu. But somehow, listening to the music, I kind of doubt it. I'll poke around a bit (this kind of futile googling is my biggest hobby)

EDIT: well, one track us definite composed by Uematsu - the last one, which a straight copy of "Opening ~ Bombing Mission" (I think it plays during a movie that shows how the opening movie was made)

Rimo Sep 19, 2007

Yeah, the composer of these additional tunes is still a mystery.

From the style, I'd say Nobuo Uematsu didn't have anything to do with it. If I had to guess, and would know all of the music was composed by a single person, I would go with Noriko Matsueda. There are some similarities with the "PlayOnline Viewer" pieces she has created in 2002, especially the track "Making File". Plus, she was active in the music staff at Squaresoft in 1997. Just a wild guess, nothing confirmed...

While we're on the subject, does anyone know who was behind the remix of the "Prelude" theme that was featured on most Square demo discs in 1998-99. The FFVIII demo menu was one place it could be heard.

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