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Bernhardt Jan 17, 2008

Been listening to the old Grandia soundtracks lately, and then I discovered this one, Elvandia Story, a new soundtrack by Iwadare: … m_num=1213

My question is simple: do you think it's any good or not, and do you think I should pick it up?

the_miker Jan 17, 2008

First off, you'll wanna know that Iwadare only composed track 1 and 30.  Everything else is Hibino.

But yeah.. personally I love this little CD.  Iwadare's two orchestra tracks are amazing, long, and epic, exactly what you'd expect from him.  Everything else really shows off what Hibino can do when he's not doing jazz or MGS/ZOE stuff, even though you do hear little bits of MGS-esque compositions here and there.  Overall it's very fresh sounding though, you can tell he tried to re-invent himself with this one.  I look forward to more game projects from him.  Seeing as how he's not listed as a composer for MGS4, I assume he's working on other projects instead.


Ramza Jan 17, 2008

ditto to what Mike said. It's NOT an Iwadare soundtrack. It's Hibino (Metal Gear Solid et al).

but it is very pretty.

Bernhardt Jan 18, 2008

Ah, okay; Kahori REALLY focused on Iwadare when she first announced. I guess she really likes Iwadare...

Glad to hear it's good, and refreshing at that; I could stand to have something new.

Sami Jan 18, 2008

Definitely a surprise from last year. A very nice fantasy soundtrack.

Bernhardt Jan 18, 2008

Well...I ordered my copy, but I just can't wait! Anyone care to hook me up with some MP3s ahead of time? It's gonna be more than a week or two before I get it...

Bernhardt Mar 14, 2008 (edited Mar 14, 2008)

Finally got around to listening to this; it's more action-packed than I would've thought, but it's Hibino, so I should've expected that.

Still good stuff, it's just that the cover graphic sort of deceives you into thinking you're going to get a lot of relaxing music.

And still, don't misunderstand, there IS some relaxing stuff on here, I just thought there'd be more of it, even for a one-disc soundtrack.

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