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allyourbaseare May 23, 2008 (edited May 23, 2008)

So, I think I've held off long enough - the latest in the series will probably get my monies.  I mean look at the drum kit.  I'm practically sold.

Pressure sensitive?  Wireless?  A little more realistic?  F*** yeah.

I will say this, if it can stand up to Travis Barker and Chad Smith, I think we'll be alright.  (Still, I'd like to see Raymond Herrera (Fear Factory) demolish the thing completely).

GoldfishX May 23, 2008

I ended up lukewarm on GH3, but it's still a blast when playing with people. My main concern is the tracklist...Really seemed like very few tracks that were new to me that I ended up interested in (compared to GH2, which turned me on to about a dozen or so different groups and even the the ones I don't like are mostly tolerable)

As long as they give me:

1. Music I like (Van Halen's a good start)


2. Notecharts that aren't stoopified (see Rock Band) or hard as f--- for the sake of being hard as f--- (see GH3) and find that sweet spot (see GH2)

I'll spring.

I do like the look of the new drumkit, but I'm on the fence about whether I'll end up with a pair of novelty peripherals that take up so much space. I want to see what the new guitar features are. And vocals...Why the hell not?

Angela May 23, 2008

Topic title misnomer.  You mean Guitar Hero "World Tour," not "On Tour."  ;)

On Tour is the DS adaptation that everyone's treating like the plague.

allyourbaseare May 27, 2008

D'oh!  I would just change the forum title, but I don't seem to be able to - not like other forums <sarcasm>

GoldfishX Nov 16, 2008

*BUMP* (and notes incorrect thread title)

So am I the only one who's picked this one up so far? So far, I'm enjoying this one much more than GH3, from the song selection to the note charts (no more total randomness and piles of three-note chords for no good reason). And I greatly enjoy the clear notes and only having to hit frets for certain notes. I need to get into the harder songs yet, but the lower level ones are a full-on blast (with some stinkers, as usual...and a near-total dearth of good 80's tunes). Rebel Yell is a total blast to play and is probably my most-played song so far (and I swear...everyone who picks this game up for the first time goes straight for Crazy Train...including me, lol...not as ball-busting as I expected and a LOT of fun to play).

I do have to say...Both the addition of vocals and drums, plus the new way that star power operates (the phrases stay while in power-up mode) are shameless ripoffs of Rock Band. The full band mode is pretty bad...If one person fails, the whole band fails. Also, duels are improved, if somewhat unneccessary...Um, yeah, still a useless addition.

I haven't tried the drums too much (store demos), but I do LOVE the new guitar. If my Les Paul croaks, there's no question I'd get one in a heartbeat. The new strumbar just feels good to use and I can see the touchpad being a great addition to songs like Satch Boogie, which has a ton of clear notes to sift through. I do need to try the bass solo mode too...It looks promising, compared to Rock Band's.

Not much to say on user-created songs just yet, but I hope to see some good ones come along. There is a nice rendition of The Legend of Zelda theme out there though...*crosses fingers for some Guilty Gear*

If I had the choice between this and Rock Band 2, I'd easily say RB2 (better party game, better tour mode, a much more appealing tracklist and DLC), but both are occupying a lot of gaming time right now and both boast a ton of classic songs between them (including a lot of duplicates...thankfully, they're mostly songs I love to hear/play). As is, I'm waiting for some more good DLC to arise...Death Magnetic aside (which is f---ing amazing, btw), the offerings as of now are pretty weak.

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