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allyourbaseare May 4, 2009

So I just sold a s***-ton of stuff on ebay this weekend and I thought I'd get my wife and myself to a little treat.  She's been dying to play GH:Metallica for awhile now as she's an avid fan.  Popped it in and was having a BALL.

Anyone else have the band or even just the guitar?  I know there's an option to play online with friends and I'd love to tear it up with anyone on the PS3!  My drumming is much much better than my guitar playing or singing, so if anyone's up for some Foo Fighters - Everlong or System of the Down - Toxicity on expert, let's do it!

GoldfishX May 4, 2009

I have 360 unfortunately (or fortunately, lol...depends on the situation). Expert guitar in Metallica is insane...but for the wrong reason (it kills you too fast...see War Ensemble and Master of Puppets, two songs that don't look TOO bad, but kill you right at the start unless you're nearly perfect). I love doing guitar/vocals for a lot of the songs and I love that Disposable Heroes made the cut. "Back to the front! YOU COWARD! YOU SERVANT! YOU BLIND MAN!" I lost interest in World Tour really fast, due to lack of interest in songs overall. I much prefer the Rock Band DLC model (especially if I'm doing vocals/guitar). And I don't like the "clear gems" for solos anymore...they're just sloppily placed and not very satisfying to hit.

You doing double bass pedals for GH: Metallica? Shit looks like fun. My foot gets tired with just the one pedal on hard and above for Rock Band.

allyourbaseare May 5, 2009

I have yet to pick up the second bass pedal, but I was actually looking at tinkering with it once I did pick it up.  I've got a practice pad for the bass drum that I'm thinking I could move the sensor into.  That way, I could actually play with my real double bass pedal (and actually hit the notes!).  Looks fun, and with the upcoming Dragonforce re-release, I think I'm going to need to go that route.

Angela May 5, 2009

Yet to pick up the game, but from what I've heard, yeah, Metallica is supposed to be far and away the most difficult of all the titles.  Are all the note flowcharts beastly affairs on Expert?

allyourbaseare May 6, 2009

Picked up a second bass pedal (and splitter) and gave Fuel and Wherever I May Roam a shot last night.  Cleared 'em both!  Most latter Metallica songs are fairly easy to play and I'm not too familiar with their early stuff (which is apparently better?), so I'm anxious to learn.  It seems like the guitar isn't too bad on easy, as my friend who's never played it before is picking it up pretty well.  All-in-all, I'm exceedingly happy with the kit and the option for double-bass.  Oh yeah, Hot for Teacher still kicks my ass.  That first intro.... ARRRGH!!

GoldfishX May 6, 2009

Angela wrote:

Yet to pick up the game, but from what I've heard, yeah, Metallica is supposed to be far and away the most difficult of all the titles.  Are all the note flowcharts beastly affairs on Expert?

No, I don't think so...I can clear pretty much everything on expert except for about 5-6 songs...And it feels like I'm losing because I get killed too fast instead of clever note placement or anything. Dyer's Eve was the only one that really, honestly pounded me into next week and I have trouble getting into a flow on Battery (I liked the RB notechart more) and haven't tried Shortest Straw, but both War Ensemble and Master of Puppets were like, "K, u miss 5 notes in the first 10 seconds or so? u die. thx for playing."

That said, I found the notecharts a lot of fun. Not overflowing with random 3-note chords (One is a MASSIVE improvement) and the really thrashy early stuff leads to much fun alt-strumming mayhem. On a similar note, having all the songs available from the get-go in Quick Play is a huge plus, because of all the 90's 'Tallica that unfortunately made the cut. Favorites to play so far are One, Whiplash, Disposable Heroes, Creeping Death, Fade to Black, Hellbent for Leather (Priest seems made for these type of games...Painkiller and the Screaming for Vengeance pack are constants on RB...but dammit, why couldn't it have been Leather Rebel instead), Boys Are Back in Town and Am I Evil (great to do for both guitar/vocals)

Honestly though, GH3 on expert is much harder than GH Metallica overall. If you can clear Raining Blood on expert, you can probably cakewalk through it.

Princess-Isabela May 7, 2009

yup, I finished entire expert guitar career in one standing(hehe),
first song that I failed my sightread was war ensemble(twice) and fight fire with fire, that's it.
if you didn't know the rhythm flow in war ensemble, as gfx(lol) said, you'd die pretty fast at the beginning of the song.
and mercyful fate by evil, what a fun song. setlist is pretty great overall, but having only 4 inputs on my ION Drumkit is pretty unrealistic(there is no hi hat, only tom, activision didn't make a patch to allow you to play on ION kit with all 5 inputs, ghwt kit uses), overall I love Rockband and I'm playing it constantly(guitar hero is not even close to rb in terms of quality but it has some good songs).

Shoe May 23, 2009

'King Nothing' and 'Sad But True' are my favorites to sing so far...

But the best buy in Chelsea really sucks because their current setup doesn't allow access to the microphone and only 4 songs are available to play.

If you live anywhere near North Jersey/ Bergen Country, i recommend checking out the Best Buy in Paramus across the parking lot from the Garden State Plaza.

They let you use the microphone there, and all of the songs are unlocked as well.

Definitely werth checking out, i had a lot of fun singing there last night!!

allyourbaseare Jul 9, 2009

HELL YES.  Just beat Battery on EXPERT freaking PLUS last night!!

Shoe Jul 9, 2009

Congratulation, Mr. Base.

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