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Abrahm Aug 11, 2008

Well, it's very good!  I've only heard most of the first disc so far, but I already like the arrangements.  I mean, just "Loading" and "Demon Seed"... you can't go wrong when you take a couple already good tracks and give them jazzy arrangements that are just as good.  Right?  Right!

I'm kinda surprised there wasn't more discussion about this soundtrack, especially since it's Castlevania.

GoldfishX Aug 11, 2008

There was...Some people liked it. I honestly wasn't a big fan of it and preferred the original. The fact that so much of Dracula X was done on the Battle albums made it even harder to get into.

Eirikr Aug 11, 2008

This was my favorite release from last year. I've listened to the original and Battle arrangements to the point that these arrangements seemed fresh and new. The lows for me are still the lows on the original soundtrack release - mainly "Cemetery" and "Potrait of a Ghost Ship", though the latter is at least decent on the original redbook. The arrangement is rather bland. I also love the one new stage theme, Red Dawn. All of the cutscene music is good, the boss battle arrangement is great, etc. A lot of great stuff!

For comparison, most of my friends that didn't have experience with the original preferred the original audio over the arrangements. I guess they still sound distinct?

The only bad part about this OST is that it didn't come with Bloodlines!

Ashley Winchester Aug 11, 2008 (edited Aug 12, 2008)

I got this soundtrack and I've been thinking of unloading it lately. Bad thing is the latch broke on the inside disc holder thingy so I'll lose a little on what it goes for...

Don't get me wrong, there is some goodies here like Dreams of Triumph, Bloody Tears (PSP), Moon Fight (PSP), Daybreak, and Divine Bloodlines (Airwave ver.) but I don't think there is enough on here to make it a permanent part of my collection. Still, if you're sick of Yamane the album is probably a must get.

Ramza Aug 12, 2008

English version of Nocturne is AWESOME

Pellasos Aug 14, 2008

i couldnt get into it. the original is one of my favorites, but the remake has a whole different feel to it.

yes, the new english fairy-song is awesome, i didnt expect them to find such a good singer for it.

Abrahm Aug 17, 2008

I should have mentioned that I just got the soundtrack only about a week ago.  I'm a bit late to the party. 

You know, when I heard the opening to "Nocturne", I started humming along, and... whoa, wait.  That's English!  I like the original Japanese version, and it does sound a bit strange to me in English.  But I think I'll get used to it. 

Tell me, comparing the original Japanese lyrics with the new English version, was it properly or closely translated?  Not that it matters much.  The only thing stood out the most for me in the Japanese version was the line that had something like "ookami wa", which I mistakenly thought was something about a werewolf.  Hey, it's Castlevania!

The second disc... well, I still have my Rondo of Blood soundtrack, and I'm not a fan of the edits here.  Some tracks are a bit longer, some are a bit shorter, most have an annoying fade-in.  The bonus tracks aren't bad, though, and I'll usually just go to those.

Shoe Aug 17, 2008

Ashley Winchester wrote:

Bad thing is the latch broke on the inside disc holder thingy so I'll lose a little on what it goes for...

They are easily replaceable (sp?).

But fcuk Bloody Tearz, i never want to hear it again in my lifetime..

Sami Aug 18, 2008

Took me a while to realize this discussion wasn't about Castlevania Chronicles OST. Should try to remember that X is important.

FuryofFrog Aug 20, 2008

Its interesting to say the least. I do like the really jazzy inflection the album has but the lead synth sample for Demon Seed drives me crazy. Other songs are ultra synth metal happy but the overly epic version of Vampire Killer needs to go. Actually come to think of it I do like the whole PSP side of this album, and the only songs that don't seem to fit are the songs whose origin is not from Dracula X, save for Poison Mind. Oh well. My favorite track on the regular side is Op. 13, but the remake kills it so badly sad Favorite song on PSP side is Cross a Fear.

Overall pretty decent album with only a few pitfalls.

Zane Aug 20, 2008

I ended up selling my copy, but I did enjoy the OST a lot. The remixes of "Beginning", "Bloody/Bitter Tears" and "Moon Fight" are some of my faves. I wasn't too crazy about the faux-symphonic boss music and the like, but it's cool to have the original Drac X OST on-disc without shelling out all that cash for the DCDX OST.

Daniel K Aug 29, 2008

The album is awesome. I actually prefer the PSP remake's music over the original. But it's solid throughout.

Razakin Nov 19, 2008

Ramza wrote:

English version of Nocturne is AWESOME

Bit of a bump from the past, but any idea who sang it?

Abrahm Dec 6, 2008

Razakin wrote:
Ramza wrote:

English version of Nocturne is AWESOME

Bit of a bump from the past, but any idea who sang it?

I can't answer that, and I'd like to know, too.  I'd also like to know if the lyrics were a direct translation of the Japanese version, or something else. 

And the first verse:

Here, the goddess of happiness cries
And in this timeless lullaby,
sings a song of a dream she has
The sadness fills her eyes

End of love
Love is gone
No more dreams to dream about so life is done
If it's sung,
cut the thread
It's time to let it go

I think that's kinda heavy/deep/serious.  It is Castlevania and all, but I was still surprised.

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