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Dais Mar 27, 2006

Especially the special promotional music CD?

Seeing as the game is out and all.

I mean, even the rom kiddies who yell "OMG THIS GAME AWFUL I AM SORRY I DOWNLOADED IT EVEN!!!" admit that it has good music.

Carl Mar 28, 2006

It's got 10 tracks, and yep an encode is making it's way around...
Style is a bit more regal and RPG-ish without as much action-energy, but still nice sounding.

1. Theme of Ys Strategy
2. Theme of the Romun Empire
3. Theme of Galman Kingdom
4. Theme of the Sandoria Dynasty
5. Theme of Esteria Kingdom
6. Theme of Gllia Kingdom
7. Theme of Viking
8. Theme of Afroca Dynasty
9. Theme of Orietta Kingdom
10. Theme of Britai Kingdom

Dais Mar 28, 2006 (edited Mar 28, 2006)

Oh, wow. Thanks for this!

This music is....interesting. Quite strange. I wonder how close it is to what comes out of the DS proper....

Now that I think about it, this sounds more like something you might hear in a platformer...

Also, um, is it just me, or are tracks 4 and 5 and 9 identical? And, um, tracks 2, 6, 7 and 8?
And, er, 3 and 10?

*nervous look*

Qui-Gon Joe Mar 28, 2006 (edited Mar 28, 2006)

Who did this soundtrack?  I assume it was someone at Marvelous and that Falcom and JDK had nothing to do with the game at all?

As an added note to the question about how it sounds coming from the DS itself, nothing here isn't doable on that system, so presumably it's the same.

*Edit* does anyone else have a skip in the Esteria track around 44 seconds in?  What's going on there?  >_<

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