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VGMaddict! Dec 3, 2014

see topic big_smile

GoldfishX Dec 3, 2014

Symphony Ys and Symphony Sorcerian.

Also, both Legend of Heroes III Electric Orchestra and (especially) Legend of Heroes IV Electric Orchestra.

Adam Corn Dec 6, 2014 (edited Dec 6, 2014)

Symphony Ys isn't as dramatic as Symphony Ys '95 (even with the benefit of live orchestra) but it's still pretty good.  And it's nice to hear a few Ys II arrangements on it.

Ys V Orchestra Version is to me the spiritual successor to Symphony Ys '95.  It doesn't feature the longer, suite-style medleys (except for the final track "Farewell", which is spectacular) but the synth orchestra quality is similar, and as in '95 Terashima does some creative and dramatic things with his arrangements.

If I had the money to fund a VGM album, commissioning Tamiya Terashima to do a Symphony Ys 2015 with Ys II music would be right around the top of my list.

I didn't even know there was a Symphony Sorcerian.  And for that matter I'd always just assumed Ys Healing was a cheap compilation, but looking at RPGFan's review that's clearly not the case.  Definitely will be checking both of those out.

Crash Dec 6, 2014

Yeah, Ys Healing has very good sound quality, and is one of the better New Age VGM albums.

Other options include:

Symphonic Fantasy White Witch
PrePrimer II
Symphonic Poem Dragon Slayer
Symphonic Poem Wanderers from Ys (from Falcom Special Box '92)

Terashima's arrangements on Falcom Special Box '94 are also fantastic, and that album comes with some great arrangements from Kishimoto and Yonemitsu.

VGMaddict! Dec 7, 2014

Thanks all!

Any non-Falcom albums I should look out for in the same vein?

Adam Corn Dec 8, 2014 (edited Dec 8, 2014)

If you like the Symphony Ys '95 style of lengthy, dramatic orchestral suites then Symphonic Fantasies or Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo is a must (the latter is for the most part a better recording and will be easier to find).  Orchestral Game Concert 4 has a couple as well.

And for orchestral music in general be sure to try out some of the Dragon Quest symphonic suites, maybe starting with one of the best-of compilations like Dragon Quest Symphonic Suite Live Best.

I still need to listen to Ys Healing so no recommendations based on that one yet. smile

GoldfishX Dec 8, 2014

I would say just go straight for the Dragonquest stuff. You really can't go wrong with any of it. I tend to prefer it to the Falcom albums (but that's because I feel the Falcom melodies work better in a pop/rock setting and don't transition to orchestral style as well as Sugiyama's melodies)

Ramza Dec 9, 2014

Agreed with GFX that if you enjoy the albums you've listed, pretty much any DQ symphonic suite will work. My personal recommendation, if you don't go with a compilation, would be DQIV. There are multiple recordings of every symphonic suite except for IX and X I think. So you got options, there's lots of stuff out there.

Within Falcom, I think everyone had everything covered. I've owned and re-sold tons of Falcom albums in my life, but I've held onto Symphony Sorcerian. I just really like it for some reason.

This is a good topic. <3

VGMaddict! Dec 21, 2014

I just love the fantasy stuff Falcom puts out. I sold my symphony Ys 95 together with 20+ other falcom albums about 10 years ago. Still regret it, but haven't bought them back. Brings back memories listening to the stuff again.

avatar! Dec 21, 2014 (edited Dec 21, 2014 by Adam Corn)

There are also LOTS and LOTS of Western VGM that is reminiscent of Ys. It really depends on exactly what you're looking for. I guess I can list you some of the works I like to listen to which are orchestral in nature:

- Dark Age of Camelot (medieval music)
- Champions Return to Arms (good luck finding it)
- Conan (short and epic)
- Dark Souls
- Diablo II, in particular Lords of Destruction = amazing
- Divinity
- Eternal Romance
- Etrian Strings … on-review/
- Folklore
- Heroes VI
- Journey
- Muramasa Arranage
- Settlers 7
- Shadows Over Riva  (very hard to find)
- Twilight Symphony
- Witcher 1 & 2 soundtracks
- World of Warcraft, most anything

Some are more symphonic than others, but as someone that really enjoys classical music and the Ys music, I would recommend the titles above.

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