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Push It Jan 20, 2009

Anyone familiar with most, if not all, the Contra soundtracks available? I'm relatively new to the series, both the game and its music, so I need a little help figuring out some stuff.

My first question is about the soundtrack to the first Contra game:
Is the the Konami Music Masterpiece Collection (CM-2113) the only complete version of the first Contra soundtrack? I vaguely remember coming across other sountracks that contain the first Contra's soundtrack, but they seemed incomplete at the time I looked at them.

The second question is more of a confirmation, but does the list below contain all the other Contra soundtracks officially released?
*Music from Super Contra & A-Jax KICA-2307
*Contra Spirits KICA-7604
*Shin Contra Original Soundtrack KOLA-016
*Contra Dual Spirits Original Soundtrack N/A

I had a third question, but I forgot it while I went out to get something.

Thanks for at least looking.

Carl Jan 20, 2009 (edited Jan 20, 2009)

Just a couple more:

Konami Game Music Special (28XA-214) has 11:31 of Contra

Legend of Game Music -CONSUMER BOX- (SCDC-00497~506) contains Contra Hardcorps from the Megadrive.

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