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my_name_is_link Jun 30, 2009

Well, sometimes one shop, like Play-Asia or YesAsia, sells a special edition, obtained in exclusive. I ask if the SaGa 20th.. Box is the same whoever you buy it from, or the Play-Asia one has something special.

Herrkotowski Jun 30, 2009

I don't believe that Square Enix has mentioned a special edition of this box, so I'm sure where you purchase it from doesn't matter.

Carl Jul 4, 2009

Well, props to Square-Enix Music for even MAKING a commercial, this is certainly a step forward for game makers to actually, like, PROMOTE AN OST.

KujaFFman Jul 4, 2009

As far as I know, they usually make a commercial for their soundtracks. There was one for FFIX at the time!

Carl Jul 4, 2009 (edited Jul 4, 2009)

really?  were they only posted on their own site, or what? 
Any links to some of those?

KujaFFman Jul 4, 2009

I don't know why GameTrailers decided to upload the video. They don't usually care about the commercials for Square Enix soundtracks.

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