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Crystal Oct 20, 2009 (edited Nov 30, 2009)

First day of the Star Wars Concert tour was Oct 1 at the Honda Center in Anaheim California.
The show itself was about 2 hours. Music played by the orchestra was amplified with huge speakers.  There were pyrotechnics and laser lights set off during specific beats in the show.

The concert was basically playing key selections chronologically in the trilogy starting from Episode I to VI, with Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) narrating the story.
Such selections included the popular ones like “Duel of the Fates, Across the Stars, Here they come!, Imperial March, Yoda’s Theme, Leia’s Theme, etc. 
And of course, there was a music selection called “Droids!” which Daniels puffed up speaking about the intelligent golden droid.

I have to say I loved Here they Come! and Imperial March.

It wasn’t just pure music from the orchestra though.
The dialogue and sound effects were played during certain parts.

According to this article, John Williams, the composer who has composed many other significant movies
themes such as the Superman theme, the Indiana Jones theme, was at first reluctant to do this kinda thing. … ounty.html

Their attempt was to incorporate classical music setting with the feeling of a rock concert. The rock concert feeling with the laser lights and pyrotechnics were kinda annoying instead of really incorporated into the score.

It wasn't at all a bad show. The music itself was said to be adapted for these concerts, but I didn’t hear any noticeable differences; but still very enjoyable and epic all the same.  But the real excitement seemed to be outside the circumference of the hall there to see the exhibits and costumes, and stormtroopers photo posing and all the fans dressing up.

Some people brought lightsabers to the concerts. Only a couple flicked them to the beat during Imperial March.

Still, since this was the first day, it would have been cool if John Williams had attended the actual show.

There was no encore. But everyone gave them a standing ovation, and John Williams rules!

Final Verdict: Go if you have time, and you enjoy Star Wars costumes, and memorabilia.

avatar! Oct 20, 2009 (edited Oct 20, 2009)

I met John Williams when he conducted the Boston Pops a few years ago.
I got his autograph smile and spoke with him for a few moments. I asked him if he ever gets tired of performing music from Star Wars? He said no, and that he's flattered people really enjoy it. Nice guy...



Jay Mar 27, 2010

This hit Dublin a few weeks ago and I managed to go. Really enjoyed it. Of course the music was always one of the best things about Star Wars so it was great to see it celebrated like this. And it's the best possible way to enjoy the prequels - just cut up in bits that look cool to good music. Maybe th eonly possible way to enjoy the prequels.

My only wish was that it could have been longer. There were many themes I wanted to hear but didn't. But the themes that made it in were fantastic and beautifully performed. Really good stuff.

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