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tri-Ace Super Fan Dec 4, 2009

I recently landed a copy from the original print run, but I received just the case which has no track listing on the back nor did it come with a insert inside. It looks very similar to the Chrono Trigger OSV, so I was wondering if it originally came in a slipcase that also held a separate insert? I got a good deal either way so it's not a big deal, but it's a bit of a bummer considering I was expecting to receive everything but the obi.

Qui-Gon Joe Dec 4, 2009

I've never seen a version with a cardboard sleeve; I don't think it exists.

Boco Dec 5, 2009

My copy is the PSCN-5026~8 version. It has a blue, 4-disc style jewel case. The front insert is just artwork and back is blue with the Squaresoft logo. Opening the front reveals disc 1 and an 8 page booklet with tracks, liner notes, and info. Opening the back reveals discs 2 and 3. It came with an obi, but no slipcase.

Sorry to hear that your copy might be incomplete. sad I hope this helps you figure out what you might be missing.

tri-Ace Super Fan Dec 5, 2009

I must be missing the booklet packed inside the case then, but at least that's the only thing missing (well, besides the obi, which is missing from many of my soundtracks). I hate not having a track listing to look at while listening to the CDs, but once I get them ripped and onto my iPod, I'll be listening to the music that way far more often.

Thanks for the help. :)

Ugly Bob Dec 6, 2009

Apologies from the seller. I wish I knew the value of these inserts when I originally bought it...

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