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Zorbfish Oct 2, 2013

This was much better than I expected, dropped the cash on a hard copy instantly. Anyone disappointed in the Genesis album from last year outta listen to this.

longhairmike Oct 2, 2013

why are they not charging at least a nominal fee.
and hell yes to rabite attack shirts

rein Oct 2, 2013

This is excellent.  This is probably going to be my favorite album of the year.

I've been thirsting for a good Square fan album since the disappointment of Chrono Trigger Symphony.

longhairmike Oct 4, 2013

rein wrote:

This is excellent.  This is probably going to be my favorite album of the year.

1) *replaces 'of the year' with 'since Metroid Metal'
2) orders album

Zorbfish Oct 5, 2013

I noticed this morning while listening at work that 'Girl, You Got a Nice Beard' on disc 3 mixes in Mystic Mysidia from FF4. You'd think given it was a Mana album they would have tried to use the Dwarves' Theme from SD1 or Ordinary People from SD3.

Judgment Day Oct 5, 2013

Hmm...I'm really liking what I'm hearing so far. Might have to get this. And "might" meaning "will".

longhairmike Dec 24, 2013

i got my hard copies several days ago.
great stuff, although there are a handful of tracks i skip that are elevatorish like the FFT advance -white melodies album

Adam Corn Dec 26, 2013

I've tried a few times to get into this one and haven't had much success thus far.  After listening to disc 1 just now I think it may be the weakest of the three, which may explain it.  Need to give a really good listen to the other two discs and see if they make a stronger impression.

Smeg Dec 30, 2013

Mine still isn't here. I hope Nate didn't ship to my old address D:

Adam Corn Jan 13, 2014

So after giving discs 2 and 3 more attention I am liking the album much more.  There's some really good stuff on there, particularly some of the New Age and piano tracks on disc 2 and some progressive rock ones on disc 3.  I've found a couple favorites on disc 1 as well, but if you're picky or impatient I recommend starting with the last two discs.

XLord007 Jan 16, 2014

I'm pretty happy with this. It feels like SD2 finally got a proper arrange album after all these years.

Zane Jan 17, 2014

Finally checked this out today. I wasn't blown away with it and think there's a lot of inconsistency (which is to be expected with so many arrangers), but some of these tracks are damn good. Loving the VikingGuitar "Sword from Stone"!

Adam Corn Jan 26, 2015

As you might notice in the newly added Latest Tweets sidebar on the latest topics page, the Spectrum of Mana folks have announced via their Twitter account that their next arranged album will be for Chrono Trigger in summer 2015. Will be looking forward to this one!

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