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Amazingu Feb 15, 2018

Just a heads-up: I started playing the Secret of Mana remake yesterday, and the new soundtrack is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

Keep expectations very very low on this one guys.

TerraEpon Feb 15, 2018

There's a /lot/ of arrangers. Too many cooks and all.

Wanderer Feb 16, 2018

Yeah, the remade SoM soundtrack is a butchery. It's just deeply surprising because such a great job was done with Adventures of Mana. I'm very much a musical purist with remakes and some of the tracks sound completely different from the originals. Also, they could have done it all with live instruments but doubled down on the synth instead and it just sounds incredibly cheap. Very disappointing. The budget probably wasn't there (judging from the screen shots) but that doesn't excuse these results.

To answer the thread question, my favorite game score of last year was Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and I very much hope for a soundtrack. I'm guessing they're waiting for the story DLC to come out (which has new compositions in it).

jb Feb 17, 2018

Going to have to agree with everyone on SoM remake. I’ve only heard the samples available on the website so far but there sure are some atrocious rearranges just in that small selection. The choice to go with so many different arrangers is that have such varying styles is questionable at best. Some are true to the original but many are not. Tsutomu Narita ruined Prophecy, IMO. What a missed opportunity this was hmm.

Pedrith Feb 17, 2018

I also heard samples and was very disappointed.  I was surprised that they didn't just reuse the remaster Secret of Mana Genesis.  It wasn't perfect but better than horrible arrangements.

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