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FuryofFrog Mar 16, 2010

Just wondering there is a limited edition printing of Wild Arms 5 Vol. 1 in a special box. I can't seem to locate a Vol. 2 limited edition. Is it kinda like Valkyrie Profile 2 where Vol. 2 fits into the limited Vol. 1 box?

Thanks. I'm buying it for my brother for his birthday.

Ashley Winchester Mar 16, 2010 (edited Mar 16, 2010)

The box the comes with Volume 1 actually has room for both volumes, so when you buy Vol.2 (which has no box) it slides in with the first volume.

Edit: This is the only evidence I can find off hand about it (look near the bottom):

FuryofFrog Mar 16, 2010

Thanks a lot Ashley.

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