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Wild Arms 2nd Ignition Original Soundtrack



2 discs, 142 minutes total

Disc 1 (68 minutes)

  1. Main Title
  2. You'll Never Be Alone No Matter Where You Go (Disc 1 Opening)
  3. Going Out
  4. Dungeon: Exploring 1
  5. Confusion in the Front
  6. Chase
  7. The Trouble Brewing Along
  8. A Resolution
  9. The Task at Hand
  10. Dungeon: Front Battle 2
  11. The Calm During the Storm
  12. From Calamity to Dry Ground
  13. Magical Girl Entrance
  14. Wavering Feelings
  15. Monster Haven
  16. Victory!
  17. Travelers
  18. Dark, Calm Night
  19. A Time of Good
  20. First Ignition
  21. Field: The Barren Lands
  22. Field: The Lightning Sky
  23. Field: Last Ignition
  24. The Town to the Western Winds
  25. Western Village
  26. The Foreboding Star
  27. Well Rested
  28. Near the Seas
  29. Stretch Farther Than the Skies
  30. A Blow of the Wind
  31. Dungeon: Front Battle 1
  32. Dungeon: Surprised 1
  33. Dungeon: Surprised 2
  34. Dungeon: Pinch Fight 1
  35. Dungeon: Pinch Fight 2
  36. Dungeon: Horror
  37. Dungeon: Tension
  38. Dungeon: Battle
  39. Dungeon: Chapel
  40. Dungeon: Odessa's Hideout
  41. Dungeon: Monster World
  42. Dungeon: Heimdal Gasso
  43. Dungeon: The World That Anastasia Lives In
  44. Dungeon: A Dangerous Place
  45. Dungeon: Center of Fargaia
  46. Castle
  47. Guildgrad
  48. Valeria Chateau
  49. Live Reflector
  50. Guardian
  51. Tim and Collet
  52. Operation ARMS's Theme
  53. Odessa's Theme
  54. Battle Force
  55. Battle: Knight Blazer
  56. Battle vs Mid Boss
  57. Battle vs Solid
  58. Battle vs Coctaurus
  59. The Feeling That Someone is Watching
  60. Battle vs Vincefelt
  61. Battle vs Toka and Ge
  62. Battle vs Child of the Kaiverbelt
  63. Battle vs Edgeworth Kaiverbelt
  64. You're Not Alone...
  65. Battle vs Lord Blazer
  66. Battle vs Ragu - Ragura
  67. Condition Green!
  68. New Entrances
  69. Before the Path of Righteousness
  70. It's Clear
  71. Trap and the Path
  72. The New Sunset
  73. WIN!
  74. Game Over
  75. Atomic ARMS (Disc 1 Ending)

Disc 2 (74 minutes)

  1. Resistance Line - Extended Version (Disc 2 Opening)
  2. Toka and Ge
  3. Launch!
  4. Boss Demo
  5. Pure Darkness
  6. The Plight of Anastasia
  7. One Vanquisher of Evil
  8. High Pressure
  9. Fate
  10. A New Chance
  11. Battle Robot Jack
  12. Promise Made on a Star
  13. Fargaia Summit
  14. Old Tale
  15. Starting Off
  16. Starting From Night
  17. I'm Back: A Song
  18. Thinking on a Sentiment
  19. Marina's Plight
  20. The Message From the Heart
  21. Before the Final Battle
  22. The Center of Fargaia
  23. The Fight of the Human Race
  24. The Returners
  25. The Last Evil
  26. 8 Tracks in 1: Arranged (Finding the Goal..., The Understanding With the People, The Valeria Couple, With One Heart, Fargaia Under Attack, The Many Paths, Friends Forever, Last Scene)
  27. Zephyrs' (Disc 2 Ending)
  28. Field 1-4 (4 tracks Non-Stop)
  29. The Night Sky
  30. Do Not Worry, Just Believe
  31. Wild ARMS 2 Medley (Opening~Departure, Battle Force, Battle vs Mid-boss, Field: Beginning, The Calm During the Storm, Town to the Western Winds, 1st Ignition
  • Released Oct 1, 1999 by SPE Visual Works (catalog no. SVWC-7041, retail 3059 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Noticeably different from the original but with similar overall quality.

Reader review by Dean Crowder

Michiko Naruke returns to give us more of that Western flavored music she does so well. Her soundtrack to the original Wild Arms was a huge hit because of its guitar-flute-harmonica Wild West feel, but when it was released on CD, only about half of the tracks were on it. Thankfully, this problem has been mended for the sequel's score... sort of.

When you first pop in disc 1 of the two disc set, you'll notice a few things. First off, there are quite a few tracks on the first disc - 75, to be exact. I know what you're thinking, and it's true. The tracks play through once, then fade away. That's not nearly enough for these songs because most of the 106 tracks are under a minute long. Just when you start to get into one of Naruke's excellent dungeon tracks, it fades away. Why the publisher didn't make this a three or four CD set is beyond me, but I do know it's a damn shame.

If you can get past this problem, then you can get to the good stuff. Track 1 on the first disc perfectly sets the mood for the rest of the soundtrack with its guitar, flute, and strings. Even though it's just a short title screen tune, fans of the first Wild Arms will think they've died and gone to heaven (as I thought when I first heard it in the game). Track 2 is a vocal song for the opening anime movie; it's a typical "pop" song I guess, but with horns, flutes, guitars, etc.

After listening to the CD for a while, you'll start to notice a couple more things. For one, many of the tracks fall short of others. While this is true for all soundtracks, this CD has the same flaw as Suikoden 2's soundtrack - it has numerous filler tracks on it. Some songs in WA2 are extraordinary (overworld theme, dungeon themes, town themes, etc.), but there are event themes which are kind of ambient and are best heard in the game.

The other thing you'll notice is a different style in the composition. It's hard to put my finger on it, but after much thought I've decided that it's a poppy/jazzy/fusion style in the chords and overall feel. I could be wrong in the description, but it's definitely different than the first. Not "bad different" though. The way Naruke uses it in her songs is what really makes this soundtrack shine. Dungeon themes are more exciting. Town themes are better. This isn't true for all tracks of course, but the tracks with this quality stand tall above the rest.

There are also many battle songs in this soundtrack. The normal battle and boss tracks sound very similar to the original Wild Arms' and should be recognizeable to fans of it. As for the other battle/boss tracks, there isn't anything that spectacular but they are pretty cool.

The sound quality in the songs is very good, but not as good as the first game's score. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but personally I would have liked about 60 of the best tracks with excellent sound quality, spread over three discs instead of what we have here. But that's just me.

A final track I should mention is the last track on disc 2. This track is a non-stop symphonic arrangement of some of the game's best songs, all done by a real orchestra. I hope there's an arranged CD done in this fashion in the near future.

Overall, I can safely say that this CD is worth picking up. Even with its problems (filler tracks, short track length), it is a great soundtrack that not only fans of the original Wild Arms can enjoy.

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