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Cedille Nov 18, 2010 (edited Nov 19, 2010)

Star Jam Cooperation will feature music from Guilty Gear and BlazBlue on 22th Jan at "Guilty Gear×Blazblue Music Live 2011". The program will be decided based on polls (you can e-mail what are you favorites). The revealed performers were Daisuke Ishiwatari, Kanako Kondo and Takashi Koyama.

Smeg Nov 18, 2010

Any word on the performers?

Cedille Nov 19, 2010

I'll update OP. Yeah, it was pretty incomplete.

While I'm not a big fan of GG music in general, BlazBlue was terrific. Another game music concert/live is always welcomed anyway.

FuryofFrog Nov 19, 2010

Really? Some of the GG music was so sublime.

I absolutely loved Holy Orders, Blue Water, Blue Sky, Writhe in Pain, Feel a Fear, and Fuuga

However..........Keep Yourself Alive, The Original and Burly Heart can all die in a fire.

Any chance of any Korean tracks being played?

Smeg Nov 19, 2010

FuryofFrog wrote:

Any chance of any Korean tracks being played?

I'm guessing there's approximately a chance less than or equal to nil that Ishiwatari is going to perform Shin Hae Chul's tunes. It's interesting that Yoshihiro Kusano isn't listed among the confirmed performers since he laid down the guitar for both GG Overture and BlazBlue. Here's hoping for the return of Tohru Iwao!

vert1 May 21, 2011

Did anyone get this? I really want to buy the cd off of someone.

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