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FuryofFrog Dec 15, 2010

So this thread has the intention of talking about what I assume is a work of art. The only problem is that I can't get the damn thing to play. The Tron Legacy soundtrack is printed on a black disc that will not let my computer read it. I love to buy physical CDs. I enjoy throwing support to artists by purchasing but holy hell! Now I have a useless disc with music that I cannot partake it lest I buy inferior digital copies online.

Today I am greatly saddened.

So then, any impressions on Daft Punk's newest experiment?

Jay Dec 15, 2010

I love it. I mentioned it in the Tron Legacy movie thread. It's part Tangerine Dream, part Harry Gregson-Williams, part Hans Zimmer and a touch of Daft Punk. Not all that many themes on it, the main theme being fully explored and getting plenty of varying takes.

It's loud and pretty powerful in places too, the synth bass working really well with an orchestra. I've had it on repeat since I got it and just can't get enough of it.

Angela Dec 16, 2010 (edited Dec 16, 2010)

I'm reserving final judgment for contextual purposes, but as a standalone, Legacy has been an excellent listen.  Filmtracks has their review up, and it echoes most of my sentiments.  (Which includes my disdain for the record company's decision to spread the score out over so many releases.)

As said, I believe many will agree that it's less Daft Punk sounding than initially expected.  The electronica elements are reined back a bit to give way to a prominent, orchestral-cinematic feel, which was probably a good call.  As Filmtracks states: "The key to success for them was to extend as much of their club-worthy techno style as possible without relegating their work for Tron: Legacy to classification as simple fetish music. After all, what appeals as trance and techno dance material in Europe would likely not alone carry a blockbuster motion picture even as well suited to them as this one.

There's a strong RC-inspired sound, made fresh by the overlaying of Daft Punk's electronic flair.  Again, to quote Filmtracks: "The handling of the ensemble isn't spectacular, with the orchestrations rather simplistic, the progressions predictable, and techniques like counterpoint and dissonance applied without complexity.  Fortunately, the orchestration is competent, so the driving harmonic rhythms and the major thematic performances are easy on the ears and will satisfy the masses in theaters.  .... Despite some familiarity in certain facets of the recording of Tron: Legacy, the result of Daft Punk's efforts is far more creative than what you'd usually hear from a Zimmer clone using the Remote Control library alone."

The variety is surprisingly strong, ranging from straight-up Daft Punk like "Castor" and "Derezzed", to songs with a bolder orchestral blend like "Recognizer" and "Rectifier".  I love the strings ensemble featured on the "Outlands Part I" & "Part II" tracks.  The dream-like "Solar Sailer" and "Sea of Simulation" are a refreshing change of pace from an otherwise aggressive score, and "End of Line" boasts some slick chiptune instrumentation throwbacks. 

And then there's that main theme.  My only complaint is that, despite its strong use during the first and last few tracks ('bookends', as Filmtracks puts it). it goes almost entirely unused for the rest of the score.  "Father and Son" is the exception, and it's the perfect example of how the theme could've made for a sturdy thematic foundation had it been further utilized.  As such, the main theme feels like something more of an anthem.  But boy, what an anthem; the four tracks that feature the theme - Overture, The Grid, Flynn Lives, TRON Legacy (End Titles) (and to a lesser extent, Finale) - are spectacularly tailored variations, and they are glorious.  The End Titles is a particularly enjoyable arrangement, allowing Daft Punk to go all.... well, Daft Punk with the theme.

FuryofFrog wrote:

The Tron Legacy soundtrack is printed on a black disc that will not let my computer read it.

Huh, I was able to rip it on my drive with no problems.  Though now that I think about it, perhaps the decision to use the black disc was more than just a sleek design choice.  An anti-piracy measure?

Smeg Dec 16, 2010

First listening has left me underwhelmed, although I reckon it's probably effective enough in context. The comparison to Zimmer is quite apt in that regard.

Angela Feb 13, 2011

A few days old, but Disney's announced a 14 track remix album titled "Reconfigured".  Little else is known other than the release date: April 5th, the day that both the original and Legacy films hit home on DVD/Blu-ray. … n-the-way/

Jay Feb 13, 2011

Fantastic news. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll be all over that. I really hope it's good. And, more importantly, I hope it's ALL available in one package.

I ordered the CD set from the official site to get the cool poster and it was to have a digital download on day one. That was delayed by a couple of days and, as a result, the company said that there would be some discount on the future Tron Legacy music release. It read like a sort of stock apology offer but I couldn't help but wonder what they could possibly release beyond what was already out there. I guess a remix album answers that question.

neogeo Feb 17, 2011

I never saw the original TRON movie, and I've only seen the Legacy trailer a couple of times. But being a huge Daft Punk fan(all the way back when they weren't mainstream), I quickly snatched a copy of the Legacy soundtrack when I heard that Daft Punk made the whole CD(I think they made the whole thing).

HOLY **** is it good smile. Especially the famous track "End of Line". I dunno how many of you saw it in the theaters, but sitting in the seat while they were blasting Daft Punk was simply amazing. I really felt I was in a club!

Here's a nice remix of End of Time: End of Line(Remake by Animattronic)

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