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XLord007 Dec 22, 2010

At one disc, it's pretty short for the OST of a DS RPG, but it's pretty damn good.  Another victory for Shimomura.

Amazingu Dec 22, 2010

Haven't heard it yet, but Shimomura has been on a damn ROLL this year.
Birth by Sleep was pretty damn good, and Last Ranker is one of my favorites of the entire year.

She's one of the very few of the "old guard" that still makes great music.

Qui-Gon Joe Dec 22, 2010

I can't wait to hear this one; Last Ranker was freaking phenomenal.  Also coming out soon is the 3rd Birthday OST, right?  Anybody have any idea how much of that is hers?

Dais Dec 23, 2010

based on Japanese digital download sites, the breakdown is supposedly:

Mitsuto Suzuki:40 tracks
Yoko Shimomura:16 tracks
Tsuyoshi Sekito:10 tracks

here's a review that covers how the different composers works differ: … ck-review/

It's a little disappointing she didn't do more, but considering that she's also probably preparing for Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts 3DS (and perhaps was responsible for the handful of new tracks in RE:Coded), not that surprising. At least she isn't stretched as thin as Sakuraba.


Qui-Gon Joe Dec 23, 2010

Thanks, Dais.  I do believe she has been responsible for all new music for the entirety of the KH series (the most recent of which are getting an all-in-one OST early next year), so yeah, she is stretched a bit thin.  I feel like she's handling it well, though (especially after disappointments when she wasn't as busy like Heroes of Mana).  I have to wonder if the score for Versus XIII has been done for ages and is waiting for the game to catch up.  I'm really curious how that works with a freelance composer and a game that's taking eons to finish...

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