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Angela Feb 3, 2011 (edited May 15, 2011)

The official two-disc soundtrack is set for release at the end of the month, but a game rip is already making the rounds.

So far, I like what I'm hearing, and it's looking to be a worthy follow-up to the first Gyakuten Kenji.  Iwadare once again covers the entire Gyakuten spectrum, from the Turnabout intros, to Investigation songs, and the court-like battle pieces.  Colorful character themes are also in hearty supply, and I think I've already hit upon an all-time new favorite: "Tateyuki Shigaraki".  (Move over, Tyrell Badd!)

There's the feeling that Iwadare is veering ever closer to his Lunar/Grandia work, most notably in the new "Confrontation ~ Presto" and "Pursuit ~ Wanting to Find the Truth".  On the other hand, that style is conducive to an amazing "Miles Edgeworth ~ Objection!", which may be the finest spin on the original Great Revival theme we've ever gotten.  I'm still warming up to "Tell the Truth 2011" - as a huge fan of the 2009 version, this one wields a less subtle, heavy-handed dramatic flair this time around -- maybe a bit TOO heavy.  But on the flip side, I've fallen in love with the new "Solution!" - it's lighthearted, feel-good Iwadare at its best.

Angela Feb 6, 2011 (edited May 15, 2011)

Not sure what this one is in context yet, so I'm just dubbing it "Tango" for now.  Its style brings to mind Luke Atmey's theme from Gyakuten Saiban 3 -- which is to say that it's awesome.  smile

EDIT: Ah, the name of this particular piece comes to light at last: "Yumihiko Ichiyanagi ~ Ichiryuu's Farewell".

Angela Feb 9, 2011 (edited Apr 23, 2011)

The ever reliable BoltGSR (aka Bolt Storm) has made the Gyakuten Kenji 2 Orchestra Arrangement Collection available for listen on Youtube: 

EDIT: Sadly, it looks like Capcom caught wind, and deleted all the links. hmm

Near as I can tell, this is a fantastic arranged representation of Gyakuten Kenji 2.  The Suites are especially well done, covering every piece in their respective categories.  "Miles Edgeworth ~ Objection! 2011", like the OST version, is an especially illuminating highlight, and its nod to the original Great Revival makes for an amazing finale.  I do think that "Kay Faraday" should have had its tempo sped up just a bit; maybe I'm just too used to the original version's bouncy pace.

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