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Pellasos Sep 28, 2011

finally, i've been waiting so long for this.

it's still my favorite Sonic OST. the intro blew me away at the time, and it never lost its charm. for anyone wondering: this is most probably the EU/JP soundtrack. Cosmic Eternity!

ElementalKnight Sep 28, 2011

US version is my favorite soundtrack of all time, but this one's damn good, too.  Definitely going to pick it up.

Yotsuya Sep 29, 2011 you hear that sound?  It's the sound of video game music nerds everywhere rejoicing!

the_miker Oct 5, 2011

Jun Senoue confirmed on Twitter that this is the JP/EU music and there will be a bonus track, Crush 40 vs. Cash Cash version of "Sonic Boom" smile

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