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Adam Corn Jan 15, 2012

I was dining at a local Italian restaurant tonight, they had some pretty good hip-hop on the radio and I hear this one track that I could swear had a melody from one of my soundtracks.  Shazam didn't manage to find it so I spend the next 30 minutes humming it to myself and trying to figure out where it's from.

I get home and then it hits me - Dragon Quest III "Heavenly Flight".  A bit of Googling later and sure enough there it is: … %20Flight/

Turns out the song "Decisions" is by an American artist Theory Hazit, but the remix that features the Dragon Quest melody is by a Japanese DJ Volta Masters.  It's available on Bandcamp to sample or download for a buck in lossless for anyone who's interested: … ters-remix

Crazy stuff.

brandonk Jan 15, 2012 (edited Jan 15, 2012) least it's some intelligent hip hop - the backing track saves it, but taking from the original, it's barely recognizable ...good ears man...don't think they have software that can do recognize that level of disparity yet,  ;-)

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