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LiquidAcid Feb 22, 2013 (edited Feb 22, 2013)

I have yet to receive any of my preorders from February, so I had some time to to venture further into japanese TV drama score territory. Starting with my encounter of Triangle, I now also own BOSS and I'm planning to get both Strawberry Night and Rich Man, Poor Woman.

But now, let's look at what March has to offer...

KDSD-00619 | SOUL SACRIFICE Original Soundtrack

Potential buying candidates:
SECL-1284 | Consolation / Kalafina (I would prefer it more if Kajiura released some real soundtrack album again)
VPCG-84939 | Chihayafuru 2 Original Soundtrack (first season had some amazing score, hopefully this is equally good)

The other stuff:
N/A | FRONTIER GATE Boost+ Original Soundtrack (Frontier Gate was nice, still have to get that one)
VTCL-60335 | Mondaiji tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru soudesuyo? Sound Community II (Hamaguchi and his harem anime...)
ZSCM-13321 | ~Sei Madou Monogatari~ Original Soundtrack (depending on who from ZIZZ composes, this could be interesting)
TSCM-0008~12 | Fire Emblem: Kakusei Original Soundtrack (never found Fire Emblem music noteworthy, but this is huge)
AVCD-55037 | Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone Choujigen Soccer Soundtrack (Mitsuda and Kameoka scoring more Inazuma music)
AVCD-55036 | Danball Senki W LBX Battle Soundtrack (more from Kondoh, he's also on Fire Emblem)

The preorder of Soul Sacrifice was kinda spontaneous. Actually I like Mitsuda's more acoustic / celtic approach to music a lot more than the orchestral one. And this one seems to be more on the epic orchestral side. We'll see how this turns out. And of course there is also Hokoyama, who I think is very skilled when it comes to use of orchestra. It's an interesting combo, that's for sure.

Apart from that I have my eyes on the new Kalafina album and the soundtrack for the 2nd season of Chihayafuru.

Let's hear about your albums for March!


Porter Feb 23, 2013

Some late January releases are held by customs now (Psycho-pass vol.2 and Imasugu Oniichan ni Imouto datte Iitai! vol.2) and I get only Total Eclipse(Nagaoka) from February releases. 

March choices...there are few anime soundtracks which will be ordered:

Mondaiji Tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru So Desu yo?
Hamaguchi...I must write that I saw few episodes of anime because of music and it could be much worse:)

MAGI - Up to the volume on Balbad
Watching anime and like music and there is Sagisu with minimal use of that his strange choir.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Dai 2 Bu "Sento Choryu" Hen
Taku what is Iwasaki doing for anime.

Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future Prism Music Collection
This one willl be add to cart after hearing audio samples. I quite like Nagaoka and previous soundtrack release Aurora Dream has some excellent groovy music.

I also plan to order two latest Toshihiko Sahashi drama OST´s, latest Yugo Kanno´s drama and Yoshihiro Ike´s new Aibo soundtracks.

All the best

James O Feb 23, 2013

just FFXI Seekers of Adoulin OST and the Luxendarc Kikou blu-ray for me.

Ramza Mar 4, 2013

Among things I intend to buy, probably just Aldouin and Ni no Kuni

Among things I'd buy if I had boatloads of cash ... Fantasy Life OST and Song Collection, Soul Sacrifice, Ginga Force, Fire Emblem Kakusei, and this Takenobu Mitsuyoshi album...

Pellasos Mar 5, 2013

ordered Ni No Kuni. i'm currently playing through FE. the OST is okay, but i'm not sure if i need it or not. 5 CDs are overkill. can't say i notice the diversity in-game and i'm halfway through.

Soul Sacrifice is interesting, but i'll be playing the game later this year.

LiquidAcid Mar 14, 2013

The Chihayafuru 2 album being a two-disc release, which was kinda fishy for me from the beginning, turned out to be _fishy_: Roughly 35 minutes of score on disc 1, radio drama on disc 2 sad

Not entirely what I expected, but let's just assume that "quality > quantity" holds in this case smile

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